Thursday, May 03, 2012

Macau Tower & City of Dreams

Continuing our holiday in Macau, Day 2 sees us boarding our hotel's free shuttle to Macau's Tower.  By the way, there's lot of free shuttle provided by the hotels.  So transport is easy and you can always ask for directions.  The staff at Hotel Macau was friendly and accommodating in explaining the way to us.

We didn't purchase any tickets up to the Tower.  Instead, we roamed the base, took some pictures before boarding the shuttle available from the Tower to the City of Dreams.

Pretty gloomy huh the sky. It was cold and wind was blowing quite strong that day.  Nice view of one of the bridge.  Look up behind me and it is the Macau Tower.

Macau Tower soars 338 metres above the city and dominates the skyline.  Im pretty sure it offers a breathtaking view of the Macau cityscape, maybe China and even Hong Kong on a bright sunny clear day.  There's bungee jump available for those who is brave enough, definitely not me!

While waiting for the shuttle to arrive (very on time, I loike), saw this sculpture at the side of the main building.

Managed to capture this when I'm in the shuttle.  The full view of Macau Tower.  If you want more details regarding Macau Tower, visit their site here

A short ride later, we arrived at a concrete city better known as the City of Dreams.  My first impression when I arrived here was WOAH, so many buildings all in different shapes and size outdoing each other!!

The shuttle dropped us at one of the many many entrances and we were greeted by a mermaid <3  She appeared on one side, disaapeared and reappeared on another side.  Cavan was pretty fascinated by it :D

We stroll through the walkway and I came across this ferocious dragon right in front of one of the casino's entrance.  It's a beauty if you look closer.

After walking a bit aimlessly inside for I'm not interested in casino nor branded shopping, we headed outside to cross the road to visit The Venetian, another famous must take photo here when you're in Macau hehehe....

Everywhere you turn the building's architecture is different.  If you're really into architecture, this is a great place to explore for each hotel built theirs differently, like in a theme park just that these houses accommodation and casino is the game of the day.

Very detailed figurines can be spotted on the facets of the buildings.  This is just one of the many many spotted there.

You know you have entered the right building for when you stepped in, you'll see this greeting you.  Look up and the ceiling is so so so beautiful!!

I nearly had a neck strained and bump into others coz I was walking with my head turned upwards admiring the lovely ceiling :p

And then we arrived in Venice!  voila it's just a walking distance :p

Lovely blue sky with dainty shops lining the sides.  Such romantic atmosphere.  Take it further by taking a ride on the gondola with live singing by the gondola drivers.

Not wanting to waste any time further, we decided to head over to Taipa for lunch and to explore more of Macau.

Got lost trying to figure out the exit.  Finally before we left, I managed to take a pic of the casino when I was at the elevator going down.  So here you go another view of casino, this time the "inside view".

Next up will be Taipa Village.

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missyblurkit said...

i would certainly love a cruise in the gondola:D

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