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Eastin Hotel : A Weekend Escapade

My elder boy, he takes after me.  I love staying in hotels and so does he. Thus when I told him that we are going for a weekend escapade at a hotel nearby, he jumped and completed all his homework without any fuss!  So where then did we go (ppsstt...if you didnt read the subject of this post LOL).  Yep that's right, we went to Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya, a landmark that I passed by daily in my commute to work.

Eastin Hotel has been around for 12 years!  Did you know this fact?  It is also strategically located in the burgeoning commercial business district of Phileo Damansara.  Refurbishment took place in stages starting with the F&B outlets and the last phase was the refurbishment of all their 388 rooms.  So yes I got to stay in a brand "new" room! woo-hoo!! :))

Before we check-in to get our keys, we lounge around at The Lounge for some tea.  Their onde-onde was oozing with gula melaka when you bite on it.  Love their cekodok too...As the weather was hot, I opted for a fresh glass of orange juice.  Need the Vitamin C :))

Obtained our "key" which is a card.  It only takes me to the floor my room is located.  Good security so no outsiders are left to roam about on the floors. From the outside, I couldn't tell how big is the room so when I step in, I went W.O.W.  This is the Eastin Family Deluxe Room which is a 2 bedroom suite with separate lounge and seating areas.  There's also a large bathroom with separate shower and walk-in wardrobe.

pana view of our room from the entrance

Can't help but to take a panaromic view of it :p  The first room I saw consists of 2 single bed and the other is the master bedroom which has a King size bed and a large bathroom which comes with a long bath tub!!  Can go rub a dub dub already whheeee....

Lounge and seating area equ is equipped with TV and this area comes with an attached toilet.  No more fights for the TV for the kiddos can settle themselves comfortably outside here while their parents (means US) can enjoy our movie in the master bedroom.

Coffee and tea making facilities is also available for you to make yourself that perfect cuppa.  I love this space for I can place Caden's tin of milk, bottles and such for his milky siesta, not to say boiling hot water in just a few secs.

The bedroom where both Cavan and Caden enjoyed themselves tucking in deeply under the covers.  Whole bed to themselves! who wouldn't love it right?

And this is my room for that weekend with attached bathroom which is spacious and where the long bath tub is situated.

Did you noticed beside the bed there's something protuding there?  That's a bed light.  Love it for you can do reading while your partner is sleeping without disturbing them.  Best part is that light is adjustable thus you can adjust it to your comfort.  If you need do so some serious work, a study table is available as well.  Wifi is provided in room on complimentary basis yay! :D

Back to the bathroom,  how can I forget this for it's bigger than the one I have back home @.@ hehehe.... Everytime I checked into a hotel, the first thing I check out is the bathroom.  A habit I cant kick off for I love spacious bathroom.

As with all hotels, basic amenities is there for you to use if you didn't or forgot to bring your own.

The long bath tub where I spent my time soaking myself releasing tension with a green view to boot.  A little birdy paid me a visit while I was soaking there, how nice right.

Also in the master bedroom is a small walk in wardrobe.  Ironing board and safe deposit is there for your usage.

After checking out the entire room, we also checked out Eastin Hotel's facilities.  The first is of course the swimming pool, for the kiddos can't wait to play water.

Near the pool there's a gymnasium available for the fitness buff.  I was informed that Eastin Hotel is going to refurbish their gym so I believe the new gym will be more awesome.

The rest of our day was spent at the pool where the kiddos played till their heart content.  You think having a weekend retreat at Eastin Hotel smack right in the heart of a business centre boring?  I tell you it's not for I didn't even realised I'm in the city.  The kids had a gala time at the pool and me a relaxing time right in the hotel room in the long bath tub!!

A perfect weekend getaway for me and my family.  Save distance, save driving and save petrol.  I had my dinner that night and breakfast the next day in the hotel itself which I'll share in the coming posts.  The Japanese dinner was awesome <3 <3  I hugged my tummy back to my room that night full of goodness in it hahahaha.....  Stay tuned!

Ooh before I end this post, little nitty gritty stuff that hotels does goes a long way in sustaining their clients.  What did Eastin do?  I have a platter of fresh fruit and a red velvet cupcake waiting for me when I first step foot inside.  

I felt warm with this welcome and it did not stop there for towards the evening when they turned down the bed, I returned to my room and saw this box of truffles waiting by the bedside.  What a delight and a sweet surprise! <3

Eastin Hotel has four room categories starting from their Deluxe, Executive Deluxe, Eastin Deluxe to Eastin Family Deluxe.  Rack rate starts from RM600++ a night to RM900++.  

Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya
13 Jalan 16/11
Pusat Dagang Seksyen 16
46350 Petaling Jaya
(T) 603 - 7665 1111

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Macau Tower & City of Dreams

Continuing our holiday in Macau, Day 2 sees us boarding our hotel's free shuttle to Macau's Tower.  By the way, there's lot of free shuttle provided by the hotels.  So transport is easy and you can always ask for directions.  The staff at Hotel Macau was friendly and accommodating in explaining the way to us.

We didn't purchase any tickets up to the Tower.  Instead, we roamed the base, took some pictures before boarding the shuttle available from the Tower to the City of Dreams.

Pretty gloomy huh the sky. It was cold and wind was blowing quite strong that day.  Nice view of one of the bridge.  Look up behind me and it is the Macau Tower.

Macau Tower soars 338 metres above the city and dominates the skyline.  Im pretty sure it offers a breathtaking view of the Macau cityscape, maybe China and even Hong Kong on a bright sunny clear day.  There's bungee jump available for those who is brave enough, definitely not me!

While waiting for the shuttle to arrive (very on time, I loike), saw this sculpture at the side of the main building.

Managed to capture this when I'm in the shuttle.  The full view of Macau Tower.  If you want more details regarding Macau Tower, visit their site here

A short ride later, we arrived at a concrete city better known as the City of Dreams.  My first impression when I arrived here was WOAH, so many buildings all in different shapes and size outdoing each other!!

The shuttle dropped us at one of the many many entrances and we were greeted by a mermaid <3  She appeared on one side, disaapeared and reappeared on another side.  Cavan was pretty fascinated by it :D

We stroll through the walkway and I came across this ferocious dragon right in front of one of the casino's entrance.  It's a beauty if you look closer.

After walking a bit aimlessly inside for I'm not interested in casino nor branded shopping, we headed outside to cross the road to visit The Venetian, another famous must take photo here when you're in Macau hehehe....

Everywhere you turn the building's architecture is different.  If you're really into architecture, this is a great place to explore for each hotel built theirs differently, like in a theme park just that these houses accommodation and casino is the game of the day.

Very detailed figurines can be spotted on the facets of the buildings.  This is just one of the many many spotted there.

You know you have entered the right building for when you stepped in, you'll see this greeting you.  Look up and the ceiling is so so so beautiful!!

I nearly had a neck strained and bump into others coz I was walking with my head turned upwards admiring the lovely ceiling :p

And then we arrived in Venice!  voila it's just a walking distance :p

Lovely blue sky with dainty shops lining the sides.  Such romantic atmosphere.  Take it further by taking a ride on the gondola with live singing by the gondola drivers.

Not wanting to waste any time further, we decided to head over to Taipa for lunch and to explore more of Macau.

Got lost trying to figure out the exit.  Finally before we left, I managed to take a pic of the casino when I was at the elevator going down.  So here you go another view of casino, this time the "inside view".

Next up will be Taipa Village.

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