Friday, April 27, 2012

The Salad Bar : Simply Healthy

When someone mention SALAD what comes to your mind?  Only green leafs or something more??  I used to conjure the image of green leafs alone but not anymore now for Salad has evolved to be as "exciting" as any other dishes.  You just gotta use your imagination! :D

The Salad Bar located at upbeat Damansara Utama is one that you must visit if you think that having Salad alone is boring.

Interior of The Salad Bar @ Damansara Utama eludes freshness for the walls are painted green and orange.  Colour plays an important part and I must say that these two colours suits The Salad Bar beautifully.  Check out those knife, fork and spoon mirrors.

The bar where your salads are tossed before your eyes.  There's various salad leafs (local produce), toppings and dressings available (9 types!!).  You just have to decide and choose your choice.

I started my meal with a freshly squeezed orange juice.  The Juice & Smoothies Bar is located outside the shop and the first that you'll see before entering The Salad Bar.  There's other juices available but good ol' orange is still the no. 1 drink I order if I want a juice anywhere anytime of the day.

My glass of Plain Ol' Orange juice (RM4.90) to complement my meal

Soup of the day (RM3.90) was served and it was Brocolli soup.  The broth is thick for it's the main ingredients is brocolli and potato puree.  It a comfort food whenever I have such warm bowl of soup on a cold night.  A great way to ensure I have all the sufficient nutrients of greens in me >.<

Platters of salad came soon after and you'll get my drift when I say Salad has evolved to be "exciting" dishes.  Let's roll now....

Old Granny's Caeser Salad.  Unlike your usual caesar salad, this is a complete meal to me for it has veggies, meat and cheese.  So we are not talking about having only veggies alone here....

Next the R.E.D. Salad.  As the name indicated RED, it's red stuff we see here.  All things orangey red can be found here.  I find this salad a bit to the sweet side but it's nice.

High Energy Superman Salad.  After you finish this, you'll become a Superman!! hehehehe.....  If you want more punch to your salad, opt for this for it has more carbs and protein.  Topped with wheat flakes, it surely make you fly :p

This is my favourite salad that night - Spicy Salad! Give me anything spicy anytime and I'll be sure to love it.  Topped with sunflower seeds and bits of terriyaki chicken, this is a must order for me next time I pay The Salad Bar a visit.  I love the spicy vinegar dressing.  The sourish spicy dressing is a real appetizer opener for me.

For fruit lovers, you can opt to have this - Tropical Fruit Salad. It's a delightful platter to dig into for you find an assortment of fruits in between the veggies.  Simply delightful :)

All the salads are served in two sizes, the FULL size at RM11.90 or HALF size at RM6.90.  All the above salads you saw is the FULL size.

Alright for those who really really just cannot have a platter of salad and say full, The Salad Bar serves pastas as well which are cooked upon order so you are guaranteed you'll get freshly cook pastas.  All Pasta are priced at RM7.90.

Tomato Pasta.  Dont be deceived seeing that it's all plain only with tomato for one mouthful and I'm sold.  It's flavourful for it contains basil, carrot and onion.  A great pasta for kids and adult alike.

If you want something more omph, go for Spicy Chicken Pasta.  However, I found this dish a bit sweet rather than spicy? Could be the sauce used tho...nevertheless it's another option that you can try out.

Chili Mushroom Pasta.  My favourite besides the Tomato Pasta.  Mushroom my favourite plus chili another favourite of mine and yep! this is definitely for me.

If you find pastas a bit too much, go for Club Sandwich (RM8.90).  Layered with chef's special sauce and served with a small bowl of salad, it's a complete meal.

Find that you dont want to have bread, then go for Hugo Special Tortilla Wrap (RM9.90). Told ya there's a lot of choices here and not only limit to salad alone.

And to end off your meal, there's Homemade Yogurt (RM4.50) with your choice of toppings.  And ooh, see those yellowish thing in between the yogurt?  It's actually honey.

So now who says that only having salad cannot give you a satisfied meal where you can pat your tummy and say I'm full?

The Salad Bar Sdn Bhd 
(same row as Hong Leong Bank)
No. 41 Jalan SS 21/60
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
(T) 603 - 7731 2228


missyblurkit said...

One of my fave places for salads...yummy salads to be precise.

Small Kucing said...

yas this place very long time already. good track record


Henry Tan said...

Healthy healthy! I would go everyday if only they are not too expensive! >.<

Nikel Khor said...

Salad and pasta.. NICE

Quay Po Cooks said...

We eat lots of salad at home so we seldom eat salad at a salad bar:D This is good for working people who needs to have a light and healthy meal.

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