Friday, April 20, 2012

Ruins of St Paul @ Macau

One must take a customary photo when you are in Macau.  There's no need a caption at all, one look at your picture and people will know where you are.  It's non other than the famous Ruins of St Paul!  The second part in Senado Square saw us trekking up the path that led to this famous stone facade.

Ruins of St Paul - still standing strong to this day

As we walked past by the shops that lined both sides of the narrow streets, I noticed that there's a lot of shops selling cookies, dry meat and souvenirs.  They offer you real size samples as well :))  This shall be kept for another post later.

I'm limiting my words for this post for a picture speaks a thousand words :D

side facade 

close up shot of the facade

the back facade of the stone facade where restoration work was taken and completed in 1991

From above back facade, the place has been beautified.  Walk towards the end, go down the staircase and visit the restored crypt containing relics of Christian martyrs.

view below the ruins, buildings and the way where we came from

After spending some time at Ruins of St Paul, we went into Camoes Garden.  As the weather was cooling when we were there, it was a nice walk.  We spotted a place to take more photos of Ruins of St Paul.

Old folks were seen "lepaking" at the garden.  It's fresh air here, no smoke whatsoever.  Beautifully landscaped and taken care off, not a rubbish in sight.

We proceeded further to Mount Fortress.  It was build for the added purpose of defending the city from possible attacks which explained why canons were spotted here.

A short walk up and we were at the peak and we saw Museum of Macau which housed a range of exhibits that illustrate Macau's bi-cultural history.

Outside the museum I spotted this lovely lotus flower in bluish purple!  A pretty sight <3

From the top, it offers a splendid view of the city.  Lots of concrete, packed city!

Later that day after our dinner around Senado Square area, we explored further other parts of the road, followed the blinking lights to Asia's Las Vegas!

These are the only close-up shots of Casinos that I took.  Didn't entered a single one at all.  Casino area is bustling with activities and people going in and out.  After a few snaps here we went back to our hotel and Day 1 ended.

Before I end this post, two more shots of Ruins of St Paul (yea, I cant stop snapping here).  Am intrigue by the architecture.  It survived a fire which burned almost all of it except the current standing facade and staircase in 1835.  How many many years or centuries since then?  My grandparents were not even born yet and yet here I am here in Macau standing and touching and capturing my experience here so many centuries later.

Another reason for these 2 shots is if you noticed, there's blue sky compared to those posted earlier.  These 2 were taken on the last day (yea yea as I said, I loved it here! <3) before I headed back home.  The first 3 days we were in Macau the weather was cold no sunshine.  On the last day, the sun rose and we were sweating buckets!

Here's leaving you a piece of my memory at Macau's Senado Square & Ruins of St Paul :))

Day 2 sees us going to Macau's Tower, City of Dreams and Taipa.  Stay tune!


Kitty said...

I love the night scene!! Spectacular!!

Yee Ling said...

Yea..the main icon of Macau. No take pic, means have not been to Macau..ahahhaha

choi yen said...

wow so crowded in front of the Ruins of St. Paul, want to take photo also difficult :P

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