Monday, April 23, 2012

The Mix @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie

I was invited to The Mix @ Holiday Inn Glenmarie to attend their CEO's night.  Am not anywhere near a CEO level but it was a great place to be amongst all the rich and famous! Who knows whose shoulder I rub well with eh? ^.^

Before the crowd started coming in, I went round and managed to snap some of the goodies prepared for the very high level people in the corporate world.  The Mix was decorated beautifully with the stage all prepared for what lies ahead for da nite.

 balloons in black and white streaming down all over the place

It was my 1st time in The Mix although I'm not a stranger at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. I was there recently for some launch and attended a training by my Company some years back. But it's The Mix that I've not stepped foot in before.

the stage that will rock da nite!

Canapes and some great food was served throughout the night.  Let the drooling starts!

There's a station set-up near the entrance where fresh mussels can be seen.  It's called the Bonchot Mussel - mussels with vegetables saffron and mustard cream sauce cooked before you.

I also spotted something I like - Grilled Stuffed Quail with mushroom.  There's also New Orleans Crayfish Beiguets, Kohitsuji-Niji No Sumibi Yaki Charcoal-boiled Lamb Chops.  Okay okay the names are a mouthful, in short, there's quail, crayfish and lamb :p  All as yummy as their names [yes! I tried it :))]

There's more items on the other side of the place where you'll find petite canapes are laid out.  There's the Red & White Gazpacho with Fresh Vegetables en Brochette and Ike Dako No Butsu Giri - Octopus Sasimi.

The Sesame Coated Green Asparagus was nice to munch on.  Gonna try it at home one fine day and see if it turns out the same way @.@.  There's also Quinoa with Mango and Curried Yogurt, Hokkai Gamo To Ringo No Rosuto - Roasted North Sea Duck and Apple which was beautifully decorated and Crab Meat with Spciy Aioli and Cheese.

For the sweet tooth, there dessert as well which ranges from Banana Chocolate and Mint Samaso, Spiced Apple and Cranberry Compote with Yogurt and Cinnamon, Jellie Citrus Fruit, Red Rubbies and Banana in Coconut Milk to Assorted Chocolate Praline <3 <3 <3

The CEO nite started with an impressive magic show.  Someone name me this hunky magician... It's Dr. Moudini in the house that night.

He's so good that I think my eyes is having problem.  Each time I'm in a magic show, I tend to keep a look out on their tricks heheehe....they just move so fast and fluid that it's hard to detect!!

After a spectacular magical show, we were treated to feast our eyes on beauties.  We had the Miss Kebaya Johor parading on the short runway.

All very lenglui, slim, fit and young!  Check out those kebayas, intricately design.  It just amazes me how well the kebayas are.  One lil bit of fat and you had it for kebayas are tight fighted and made of tender material. You would not want to  risk hearing a tear sound when you bend or something like that :p

Lovely song were sang by a live band thereafter.  Love their Bruno Mars - It Will Rain song. Well sang and with the lights illuminating all over, it's almost surreal!

Not only we had a live band perfoming lovely songs for us, Miss Cheongsam 2012 also performed a number she wrote herself.  She is only 19 years old *gasp*.
note : I recorded her singing but am having problem loading it up at YouTube!! :((  will try again and load it here if I managed to figure what's wrong with the video ggrrr.....

We then had another round of fashion parade by the Miss Kebaya Johor.  This time they were in their sports attire adorning jewelleries by Kelvin Gems.

As a wrap up for the night, Kelvin Gems gave out a token of appreciation to each Ms Kebaya Johor and we saw Adrian Loh doing a short cat walk before guests were left to mingle and enjoy the night away catching up with lovely songs sang at the back.

Thanks to The Mix for this wonderful experience. I myself bade goodbye and went home smiling.... :D  Made a mental note for hub to bring me here again for the food is delish! and it's a great place to chill out...

The Mix
Holiday Inn Kuala Lumpur Glenmarie
1 Jalan Usahawan U1/8, Seksyen U1
40250 Shah Alam
Selangor Darul Ehsan
(T) 603 - 7802 5200


Nikel Khor said...

wow.. got lot lenglui lengzai there!

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