Friday, April 13, 2012

Cinnamon Coffee House - a scrumptious weekend hi-tea

Two weekends ago, I revisited Cinnamon Coffee House in One World Hotel.  It still amazes me with it wide varieties of food.  Sometimes I just don't know how to stuff all those food in!  I just want to try everything out, dont you when you're at a hi-tea?  I do!! :D

Just looking at the appetisers made me drool.  I dont know which to take but the one on the top left is a MUST!  I just love this cutey small squid.  My must order each time I'm at a Japanese outlet.  If you're into cheese, you'll be hopping with joy for there's cheese aplenty and just walking pass it, I'll get the cheese whiff.  There's crackers for you to go with your favourite cheese.  Take your pick or just try each one!

Then there's an array of main dishes for those who like rice and dishes.  Pretty heavy stuff for a weekend hi-tea but hey Cinnamon Coffee House's Hi-Tea starts at 12 noon and ends at 4.30pm.  So you can go and have your lunch and munch your way to tea time and savour their dessert which I'll show you later.

Let's move on to what my eye catches on.  There's so many offering here over 200!! Can you imagine if I were to post all 200 of the food Cinnamon Coffee House has to offer?  I think not only you skip this post, I'll give up editing the pics mid way hehehe....

Ooh my roaming eyes spotted our Nation's favourite dish be it night or day, this can be savoured and love by everyone from young to old.  It's non other NASI LEMAK!  There's two choices of rice, the normal coconut flavoured and the other coconut flavoured with pandan.  You can then start to pick your choice of condiments to go with your nasi lemak.  Again there's so much to choose, I think by the time I pick each one a small portion, my whole platter is full to the brim :))

For those who prefer noodle or something lighter, there's always the noodle station and yong tau foo.  Spot the chef inside there?  Cinnamon Coffee House has live-cooking stations!  Whee, not only you get your food straight from the wok, you get to interact with the chefts as well.  How cool is this?

There's stay grilled before you and I spotted otak-otak!  Another favourite of mine.  I can have dozens of these!

Still thinking about the small cute squid I had, I wanted some Japanese flavour and headed where else but the sushi counter.  I ordered a hand roll made especially for me right in front of my eyes.  Besides it, there's a counter for you to create your own sandwich.

Aiks, I forgot to show you the beautifully mixed Caesar Salad by the chef himself.  Here you go...

Just looking at it make you want to just go and have it right?  Let's wheeze back to those live cooking stations.  Here's the pasta chef cooking up pasta after pasta.  Your choice of pasta and ingredients.

I also tried out their porridge.  I'm a porridge lover and for the chef to cook a hot bowl of porridge on the spot is bliss.  You wont be afraid of the porridge being cold or too watery after endless scoop by other guests there.  Best of all, I get to pick my own ingredients :D

My happy chef preparing my hot bowl of porridge for me <3

Ooh interruption a minute here for me to show you another favourite drink of mine which is made available here.

Three Layer Tea <3 <3

You wont be getting this size, you'll get the mini size and if not enough go for more rounds! hahaha....

Alright now I present to you the STAR of the day (well for me at least), the Whole Roasted Lamb!

It's marinated with a special sauce and me being a non lamb eater EATS this!!  It's yummy and the accompanying dishes that goes with it is a must have when you dine at Cinnamon Coffee House.

I also spotted lamb sausages and wedges.  Enticing inviting, just had to tried it all!

Now, let's move on to desserts.  Happy food :D

There's assortment of breads, cakes, tarts and then I spotted apam balik.  This is the second time I spotted apam balik in a hotel!  Really bring back childhood memories when I see this for I used to buy them from the night market when I was younger.

Kids will surely go for the chocolate fondue fountain.  Me, I go for ice-cream and fruits anytime!  There's taufufah as well if you want to be healthy and have your soy intake! :p

Cinnamon Coffee House boasting more than 200 varieties is a place that you can dine at with your friends for at the side, there's an area for your kids to play on at the inflatables area. 

The weekend hi-tea is available every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday from 12noon to 4.30pm.  Weekend rates are priced at RM63++ (adult) and RM32++ (child).  Public Holiday is a different rate at RM70++ (adult) and RM35++ (child).  So ensure you make your reservation by calling Cinnamon Coffee House at 603 7681 1157.  You won't want to go and return disappointed because it's full house.

Cinnamon Coffee House
One World Hotel
Bandar Utama
(T) 603 7681 1157


alamanda said...

Went to cinnamon a few times for hi tea ...yup its one of the best

Nikel Khor said...

I like this place.. The food there is much fit to my taste!

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