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Chef Lim Organic Kitchen @ The Scott Garden

Have you heard of this place - The Scott Garden at Old Klang Road (Jalan Klang Lama)?  I recently went there and is surprised for this place is so "happening"! The reason for my visit to The Scott Garden is to indulge in healthy organic dinner at Chef Lim Kitchen :))

Upon entry the scene that greeted me was spacious, white and clean! The interior eludes cleaniness with white furnishings, simple and modern concept that is spacious.  It's easy to walk around in here and emits the cozy envinroment.

When I hear the word organic or vegetarian, I usually don't expect much but Chef Lim Organic Kitchen gave me a surprised for I didnt even feel as tho I was having purely vegetarian stuff!!  Let me show you what I had that beautiful Friday night.  We started with a nice drink which I'm still thinking off now...

Fruits Tea @ RM14.90/RM17.90

Fruits Tea - a delicious mixture of red & green apple, mango, passion fruit, honey and orange juice infused with tea.  This has become my "must order" when I return for I just love the tangy taste.  The flavours just burst and tantalises my taste buds.  Thumbs up!

We then started digging into our food <3 <3

Crystal Jade Roll @ RM14.90/RM18.90

We started off with appetizer.  I found the roll a bit hard but it's nice once you bite into it and chew.  A great snack to have and you can give your mouth some exercise :p  It's made of deep fried "tau kan" wrapped with seaweed.

Yam Ring Basket @ RM18.90

The yam is soft and smooth for it's home made paste! How awesome :)  Alas I only managed to try a bit of it and can't go for second helping as it was gone in a jiffy.  See everyone is so hungry!

Coconut Tom Yam @ RM17.90

When I first saw this bowl of tom yam, it didnt occur to me how well it would taste like for I still like to have my tom yam at authentic thai restaurant.  I was proven wrong with the first sip I took.  It was amazing!  The soup is full of tom yam flavour, not too heavily coated with coconut at all.  Hubby can't stop drinking this soup hehehe....

Shitake Mushroom Stew Herbal @ RM14.90/RM18.90

Fungi aka mushrooms - my love.  I'm a fungi person.  Give me any type of fungi and I just eat it.  So when I saw this wok of Shitake Mushroom, I had huge helpings of it *paiseh*  Herbal?  Don't worry for those who dont like herbal stuff for I didnt taste anything too "herbal" at all.  There's gory beji and red dates in it which is beneficial to the body.

Kapitan Fish @ RM14.90/RM18.90

I ate before Kapitan Chicken but not Kapitan Fish.  See the gravy then must have it to go with rice.  Chef Lim Organic Kitchen serves brown rice.  I dont eat brown rice at home for I'm afraid of the coarse texture.  When I was presented with the brown rice here, I dribbled the kapitan fish sauce over it and it was yumz!  The rice and gravy goes well together and I can't stop adding more gravy to my rice >.<  The sauce which I found out later has yogurt in it.  What a new way to eat yogurt.

Brown Rice

The only setback I found is the fish "meat" which is made out of "fu zuk and fu pei".  Hhmmm... although I know it's vegetarian but I'm still a bit tad disaapointment with the texture.

Let's see the next dish I love which is another fungi feature.

Basil Leaf Mushroom @ RM13.90/RM17.90

If you like basil, you love this dish.  Basil leaf brings out the full flavour and I enjoyed eating this.  Nom nom nom.... When I thought that was the last of any fungi (who can resist fresh shimeji and whole button mushroom eh..) I'll be seeing in a dish that night, out came this @.@

Lo Han Chai @ RM15.90/RM19.90

Those broccolli and cauliflower is so fresh and sweet.  Chef Lim Organic Kitchen only serves fresh vegetables delivered daily to their outlet.  So you get nice crispy fresh veggies on your platter.  And of course I love those mushrooms and bean curd in there.

When I thought we had reached the last dish, out came this and at first we all thought it was lasagne.  We were served lasagne in an organic and vegetarian restaurant?  hhhmmm....  Thus the curious us decided to "break" it open and we was surprised that it was actually cheese baked rice!

Mixed Vege Baked Rice @RM14.90

I dont have to tell you much on the cheese.  You can see for yourself just how chewy it is.  It's also yummy too. Very creamy and cheesy.  We were then surprised when we were served another cheesy dish, the Fruit Pizza.  Yes you read it right, FRUIT another love of mine.

Fruit Pizza @RM19.90

The pizza is thin crust covered entirely by cheese *yumz* with strawberries as it's topping.  A unique pizza!  First time I ate a fruit pizza.  Eat it warm and the cheese just oozes out.  Comfort food <3  The taste of this really plays with your tastebuds for it's salty, sweet and just a bit soury, a 3in1 taste!  What a way to test your tastebuds! :p

Cheese imported from Australia, vegetarian friendly without animal rennet

We ended our meal with various pudding.  We had the Mango, Coconut and Passion Fruit Pudding.

Puddings @RM5.90

My vote goes to 1st - Passion Fruit Pudding followed by 2nd - Mango Pudding.  It looks like taufufah but it's not coz its pudding thus the texture is not as soft as taufufah but closer to jelly but not that hard.

Throughout the dinner we drank Feel Good Tea besides the opener Fruits Tea.  Feel Good Tea is a mixture of ginseng (yong sam sau), ting fa chou, crysthanamum and xiong chi.  It's a good tea to cleanse yourself.  So did I felt any good after consuming this tea?  You bet I did! I felt good right till the next day! :p

Feel Good Tea @RM14.90

There will definitely be a revisit to Chef Lim Organic Kitchen for there are so may other dishes that I want to try out.  If you noticed, I had Chinese, Thai and Western all in a night!

I walked out of Chef Lim Organic Kitchen without realising that what I just savoured was organic and vegetarian for everything is so simple yet tasty!

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, 
just good food from fresh ingredients"
- Julia Child -

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen is vegetarian friendly place.  No meat is served and all dishes are are served without eggs and the 5 pungent (garlic, onion, chives, spring onion and leek).  Not only serving lunch and dinner, Chef Lim Organic Kitchen caters for functions such as birthdays, annual dinner, meetings etc...

Chef Lim Organic Kitchen
Lot 2-47, 2-48 & 2-49
The Scott Garden, 4 1/2 Mile
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur
(T) 603 - 7982 3395


Cik FaRiZaM said...

nice food....

i like mushroom....

is this restaurant halal for muslim???

Eunice said...

i only want the pizaaa...;P

choi yen said...

I love the fruit pizza!

Yee Ling said...

Wahhh..fruit pizza. Wondering how does it taste.

life-muses said...

Cik Farizam - they dont serve meat in Chef Lim Organic Kitchen and I believe they are in the process to get their halal certification

life-muses said...

Yee Ling - tastes super yummy! :)

lulu said...

Dear Cik Farizam

We ( Chef lIm) have HALAL u dont need to worry abt it...tks

lulu said...

Dear Farizam

WE ( Chef Lil) do have the HALAL Certificate.So You may come anytime..
You may click " LIKE" at our Facebook which you will receive RM10 cash voucher.


Nikel Khor said...

Looking forward to their feel good tea!

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