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Chatz Brasserie delectable Hawker A-Fair

Do you like Hawker Food?  I love it very much.  When I learnt that Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur's Chatz Brasserie is serving delectable local hawker fare, I wait no more and headed there to try it out!

   elegant seating arrangement

As with all buffet, you'll find the salad bar.  So many choices so hard to choose!  All of 'em is inviting me to try and when I saw the sauces and all those ulam-ulam, I'll just go gaga over them for they have cincalok too \@.@/.  I wonder if foreigners dare try it? hehehehe....

Can you spot the cincalok and sambal belacan? Drooling...

assortment of salad that beckons you to try, come try....

There's Lola Rosa, Romaine Lettuce, Orange Seafood Salad, Pasta Salad to Cold Cuts. Just the name itself sounds appetizing!

Then I spotted the ice display and kept my eyes OPEN to see what's there and I saw scallops.  FRESH SCALLOPS!!  My ohh my this is going to be a feast.  I love fresh scallops besides oysters.  Too bad I didnt spot any oysters but there's poached mussels which is equally good for usually I find mussles to be a tad too tough but that night when I bite on it, it was all tender. Ooh there's Mr Crab as well :)

Then I walk to the other aisle and spotted these dishes.  I shall let the photos do the "talking" today :))

While waiting for your order to be dished up straight from the wok (yea you read this right, hawker dishes are freshly MADE TO ORDER!), you can start filling your tummy with Enche Kabin Fried Chicken, Daging Paprik Siam, Chinese Baby Kale, Clams in Oyster Sauce, Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Seafood, Roasted Lamb with Garlic Rosemary Sauce and Mexican Baked Fish.

Don't get carried away with all those food for you want to leave space in your tummy for your orders remember? Let's start!!

The cook dishing out my all time favourite Char Koay Teow

Char Koay Teow that is full of flavour and has that important "wok hei" 

Prefer fried noodle than Char Koay Teow?  No worries for you can have your choice of Fried Noodle too.

Luscious juicy prawns

We then savoured Oyster Omelette, another favourite of mine! I found this not too dry nor too wet.  I wont mind if the starch is lessen a bit and more egg is added instead.

There's also fried popiah or popiah basah for those who like freshly rolled popiah and satays.

Spotted the Noodle Soup Stall and I ordered a bowl of Prawn Mee.  The only Prawn Mee that I eat is in Penang for I find it difficult to find a good bowl of Prawn Mee.  Decided to give this a try and.....

I love it!  It's yummy full of prawn flavour in the soup! Thumbs up! :))

Then there were talks that the roasted duck is a must try.  So ordered it and wow wow...

It's really good.  Tender juicy flesh and aromatic too.  Another must try if you are in Chatz Brasserie!

I ended my Hawker delights by having a bowl of Sup Tulang.  Just can't resist having a warm bowl of this.  It is like a comfort food to me to warm my tummy.  Full of spices thus it is tremendously aromatic.  Besides Sup Tulang, there's Sup Kambing and Soto Ayam.  You can have this with your rice or hard rolls.

Before I can start savouring desserts,  I was presented with a plate of Yong Tau Foo.  Packed to the brim with fish paste,  it's just too good to miss this.

Desserts finally came and by this time, I'm stuffed thus I choosed my desserts with care.

Being a durian and green bean soup lover, I opted for Bubur Kacing Hijau Durian.  Heavy but yummy stuff. If you fancy something lighter and more cooling to the mouth, you can DIY your own Ice Kacang with an assortment of condiments for you to choose.

Cake lovers are not forgotten for there's a selection of dainty cakes as well as Nyonya Kuihs to choose from.

Not forgetting another hawker favourite dessert, there's Apam Balik!  It's such a rare sight to have this in a hotel.

It's fruit time to ease digestion and a cup of Teh Tarik to drown everything down! oomph!!

An alternative to coffee would be to have a foamy Teh Tarik to end a good meal!

Chatz Brasserie's Hawker A-Fair!
15 March - 28 April 2012

Available for dinner at RM68++ per adult and RM34++ per child.  Call +603-2147 0088 for reservations.
UOB and Standard Chartered card members are entitled to an exclusive discount on the Hawker A-Fair, as well as Parkroyal in-house guests and guests staying at Parkroyal Serviced Suites.

Chatz Brasserie
Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur
Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur


Nikel Khor said...

At this time, all food is yummy to my tummy.. kekeke

Kitty said...

Wah, so many nice food. I love the fresh scallops and the crabs the most!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

im interested in the fresh seafood there! so yummy :D

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