Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Cellnique Nutraceutical Beauty Drink Launch

Remember my previous post on my aim towards a Firmer + Bouncier + Radiance Skin?  Well I was invited towards end of March 2012 to attend the official launch of Cellnique Nutraceutical Beauty Drink - Amino Collagen C Essence.

The launch was held in Holiday Inn Glenmarie and it was attended by Cellnique's staff and business partners.  I understand that earlier part of the day before the launch, they had some trainings on "Who Moved My Cheese".

The launch started by a beautiful lady greeting all of us there. Pretty ain't she?  I believe she's a lady DJ of whom I forgotten her name (so sorry!!)

The founder, Mr Chew Wai Ming then gave a short presentation of how Cellnique started and where it is now.  I was impressed with Mr Chew's skin!! Smooootttthhhh :))

Mr Chew Wai Ming - founder

Cellnique's product is formulated in Taiwan, in a lab which is the 2nd largest in Taiwan. 

After the short presentation the launch started with two hooded man coming on stage and thereafter a mysterious lady carrying a pearl in to present it to Mr Chew.  It eludes mystery...

The big pearl was then drop into box and the launch ended with big bang of confetti and we were presented with graceful ballet dancers.

There's no minimum age as to who can start consuming this drink although for better results, Mr Chew recommended one to start drinking at the age of 25 years old and above.

Mr Kenneth Wong, Business Development Manager and Mr Chew, Founder

It's not a magical drink where you drink today and tomorrow you'll get super firm, bouncy and radiant skin.  It takes time.  If you take one now and stop a few days later, your skin condition goes back to square one!  Maintenance is key word here.

member of media, bloggers and Cellnique staff

Mr Chew ended the launch by saying that he wants Cellnique to be a brand that will make us all proud of, that Cellnique is able to compete in the world market.  With the advancement of tecnology, design and creativity is important (thus you noticed that the packaging is beautifully made up).  Now is the time of change and with this, we need to live our dreams.  The vision of Cellnique : Impress the World!

Mr Chew further ended the launch by saying that a brand need a character and Cellnique is here to dare to change the world and to impress.

It was an eye opener and I went home with 2 more bottles of Cellnique Nutraceutical Beauty Drink - Amino Collagen C Essence! whoo-whee :))  but that's not all for Cellnique is giving away 2 complimentary bottles of this to YOU!!
Yes YOU, do you want it?  All you have to do is this :

1.  Log into your FB and click LIKE on Cress Wellness FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/creswellness
2.  Locate my blog link posted in their wall and put your comment there (I welcome comments here too in my blog but for you to get the goodies, you have to comment in Cress Wellness's wall yeah...).  
3.  Keep a look out for a message from Cress Wellness's officials as they will contact you directly on ways to claim your goodies :D

What you'll get just by commenting on my blog link at their FB wall -->  2 bottles of Cellnique Neutraceutical Beauty Drink - Amino Collagen C Essence +  RM200 Slimming Discount Voucher for Lipo Blast Slimming Treatment.

Hurry now!

  • open for all aged 21 years old and above


Henry Tan said...

can i participate? or just for girls? lol i want to be slim too! >.<

Kitty said...

Great event!!

life-muses said...

this one is not slimming drink lah, it's beauty drink for da skin :))

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

below 21 cannot drink? T_T

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life-muses said...

recommended for 25 years old and above... :))

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