Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Cellnique Nutraceutical Beauty Drink

“Guru” says that as we age we lose our natural collagen. Each time I went for a facial, I’m given this bit of information. Ladies especially needs sufficient collagen to maintain the lustre of our skin. Each time I pass-by pharmacies and stores, flashing BIG BIG words at me is C.O.L.L.A.G.E.N. So what is COLLAGEN in short? It’s akin to protein which provides the structural support for our body tissues. Collagen provides strength, resilience and flexibility to our skin.

I jumped and squealed with delight when I got the chance to try out Cellnique’s Nutraceutical Beauty Drink. Each bottle promises high concentration, 10 times better absorption!! It has Amino Collagen C Essence and Nano-Pearl Powder that not only revitalize but retrieve our skin to its sheer luminosity. Top this up with Coenzyme Q10, it lessens oxidative stress to our skin and therefore the result is us getting back our youthful radiance and skin suppleness. Think of baby skin and I’m sure you want this smooth silky skin too. I’m very sure I want!! :D

When you hit your 30’s (don’t ask me my age :p), I believe that we should embark early on anti-aging regimen. Work stress coupled with pollution these days seems to hit us badly and the first result that you can see is your skin’s condition.

So what’s next? I’m going to show you some really UGLY picture of yours truly but you must first promised me NOT TO LAUGH. I repeat, DO NOT LAUGH! :p :p

I started consuming 1 bottle per day in the morning before I’m out of my door on an empty stomach. Did this for 7 days straight before taking it as maintenance on alternate days.

What I noticed :

Skin became subtler & brighterI had combination skin previously where cheeks area are rather dry. After consuming Cellnique’s Nutraceutical Beauty Drink, I saw that my skin texture improved. No longer had that dry look and most important skin is not flaky anymore.

Pores became smallerBig YAY for this! Who wants to go around having big “holes” on your face?? :p

Firmer skinI felt I had that “lifted up” effect. Also bouncier. Definitely not fat! Skin felt firmer, having that “plumped up” effect :D

Each bottle promises 7 benefits from boosting skin firmness, reduce skin sagging, improve skin texture, lighten spots, brightens dull complexion, prevent aging, defend cells from free-radical, etc.. My VERDICT – absolutely love it and I can’t wait for my freckles to get lighten up! Ooh one more thing to share is that I’m very sensitive to taste and if something is not really pleasant, I’m not able to swallow it. Am glad to say that Cellnique’s Nutraceutical Beauty Drink has a nice orangey taste.

As the old wise saying says “Beauty is not skin deep. It comes from within”. Aptly said, we must ensure that internally our system is functioning well and now with this Cellnique Nutraceutical Beauty Drink, I’m maintaining my internal beauty as well as external beauty by drinking and going for regular treatments. My aim -> towards a FIRMER + BOUNCIER + RADIANCE skin!

If you’re interested, you can check out Cellnique’s website here or join them on their FB fan page here.


choi yen said...

Firmer skin obviously !

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