Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sawasde Thai Kitchen & Cafe

Just so the other day I drove to an unfamiliar or I can say an unkown area to me for I seldom venture that far away from the comfort of my home.  Glad to say I took up the challenge and was glad that I went, for I found a gem tucked away in Subang Jaya's Regalia Business Centre.  Before this day, I've never heard of Regalia Business Centre.  Subang Jaya - yes for I used to frequent Subang Parade.  Now I know Regalia Business Centre exists! *gives myself a pat on the back!* :p

Being a Thai food lover, I found the place - Sawasde Thai Kitchen & Cafe, a corner lot with nice ambience and great food!

Tables are set-up spaciously around and if you wish you can have your own private corner which I believe you would need prior reservation.  There's outdoor patio available for those who need natural air :)

As with the usual Thai fare, we started off with Seafood Tomyam Soup.

First sip and my mouth exploded for it was spicy and full of fragrant.  After awhile once the Tomyam soup has cooled down a little, you really taste the real thing and the spicyness led to a bit of sweetness.  There's clear Tomyam soup available if you're a fan of clear based soup.

Next dish is something very unusual for me to find in a Thai Restaurant.  We had Smoked Duck served with Thai special chili sauce.  The duck meat is so tender and yes the taste is smoky!  I also loved smoked duck and this appetizer is definitely my dish.

Another unique dish is the Garlic Deer Meat that is crispy.  If you're not into deer, you can opt for beef but beef meat will definitely be much tougher. 

Next, we had Deep Fried Prawn covered with generous amount of Thai Chili Paste.  Although the prawns are deep fried, it was not dry at all.  I easily "deskin" the prawns and found succulent flesh.  The sauce is something that is unique too and is coconut base.

This vege dish I had it before in other Chinese establishment.  Each time I have this dish, it impresses me very much for the leafs are deep fried thus giving you very crunchy bites.  Fried Kailan with Kailan with oyster sauce.  Kids will definitely go for this as it's a snack in a form of vege!

My favourite smoke duck made it's appearance for the 2nd time in the form of Beancurd with Smoke Duck.  This dish can be in spicy or non-spicy form.

We also had Steam Siakap Fish - Sawadi Keng Som.  The soup is not tomyam.  It has the taste of BELACAN!!  We confirmed this with the Restaurant Owner.  The soup base is made using asam, belacan, dry chili and lemon grass.  If you're a belacan lover, you will definitely like this.  This dish arrives on the table bubbling HOT

Look at how it's being kept HOT all throughout the meal.  It's fueled by charchoal underneath.  Super like my fish to be kept hot this way.  You wont be eating cold fish at the end of your meal.

We also had Steam Clam Thai Style.  These clams (lala) are imported from Philippines.  Just look at how thick their meat is.  No "sand" taste here which is quite the norm when you eat clams.  These clams are super clean hahahaha....  Love their broth as it tantalises my tongue.

The last dish we tried was the Green Curry Chicken.  It's one of Thai's famous dish to have and it's totally non-spicy. 

Best part is spicyness level can be according to your preference for all the dishes. You would just need to inform the waitress/waiter during your order.  This place will be a revisit for me and I'm bringing my family to dine here for now I know my way here! :p 

Thanks to I Love Discounts for this opportunity and review.

Sawasde Thai Kitchen & Cafe
No. 42 & 42-1
Jalan USJ 1/1C
Regalia Business Centre
47620 Subang Jaya
(T) 603 - 8011 8141


Nikel Khor said...

Smell good of Tomyam.. Haha

Stacy said...

It seems to be very delicious
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Eunice said...

i love thai food!! yummyyy!!

thenomadGourmand said...

Look good! Heck i dint know til NOW that there's a place called Regalia in Subang! :P

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