Sunday, March 11, 2012

Malacca RiverCruise & Jonker Walk

And so after finishing our dinner we are ready to explore Malacca by night. This time we took the boys for a RiverCruise. We parked our car back at the hotel and decided to walk to the jetty. Receptionist told us it only takes 15 mins but we walked and walked and walked and could see no end! I think after 30+ minutes we finally saw the signage and then it was a long long que before our turn to board the boat.

Malacca river by night ~ a sight to behold

beautifully lit pedestrian bridge along Malacca's river

Surprisingly the River Cruise is very nice. Very informative alas the crowd is noisy and we were not able to hear all of the narration.

We noticed that the buildings beside the riverbank has beautiful drawings and each tells a different story.

One of the buildings with drawings which is right opposite our hotel

After completing the cruise, we decided to walk to Jonker Street. It's already 11.30pm then the streets are quiet. Imagine 2 adults walking with 2 kids one of them seated securely on the stroller roaming Malacca's street! hahaha....

Upon reaching Jonker Street we were greeted with this Dragon sprouting water!! Incredible sight! As I was superb busy the period leading to CNY and did not have my fair share of visiting malls to capture the dragons deco, I totally immersed myself and enjoyed taking every angle of this hanging dragon at the "mouth" of Jonker Street!

Even though it's already closed to midnight and some of the stalls are closing, we were still able to enjoy the atmosphere at Jonker Walk.

cooling down after a long tiring walk!

One round at Jonker Walk and we headed back to our hotel to recharge for next day's tour of the historical city.


cleffairy said...

I went to Malacca two years ago...but i didn't manage to go for the river cruise cuz it was just a short trip. :(

Nikel Khor said...

The dragon still there!!! I want go!

teck said...

wow, your photo so nice, especially the dragon~
can let me to share to my page? I am actually working on a non-profit project to promote Melaka as a tourism spot. Feel free to share your hotel related info there. Nice page for Melaka travel "LIKE" it to support. sharing is caring. Thanks.=D

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