Monday, March 12, 2012

Malacca City Tour (day)

Woke up bright and early. The weather is good and it's time for some walk in the historical city.

view from our hotel room

Our first stop after breakfast is at The Stadhuys aka the Red Building which is also the clock tower. It's a very happening place here for you get to hear LOUD music coming from colourful trishaws. I still like the old style trishaws, not the current "over decorated" type @_@
From here we hiked up St. Paul's hill. It's been donkey years since the last I've been up this hill. Not an easy task with a sleeping child on the stroller. Hubs has to carry him + stroller when we hit staircase but we made it and had a rest up here enjoying the sight below us and the cool breeze before hiking down to A 'Formosa Fort.

St. Paul's hill

A 'Formosa Fort

By this time, we are drenched in sweat and tired out. We headed back to Jonker Street to get myself some authentic Nyonya Dumplings and on our way we met with the WangKang Festival Boat Procession. WangKang which is also known as the King Barges Festival and is of a Hokkien descent. It is to send the evil spirits away. You can read more about this WangKang Festival here.

Bright red lions greeting Cavan. He like 'em but got distracted by those "big face Buddha" nearby which he is scared off and thus you see his expression above. All ready to run off if anyone of those big face comes near him LOL!!

We continued our walk and arrived at Jonker Street. It still amazes me till today how Malacca has transformed. It's like the Ugly Duckling story especially the river! :D

Here's the daylight view of the magnificient Dragon. Certain time of the day, you see water sprouting out and everyone rushes to grasp some water for wealth! I was studying to see how they channel the water through the Dragon and at last found the pipe hahaha....

Went to our favourite shop - East & West Rendezvous and ordered myself a Durian Cendol and to "tapau" my favourite Nyonya Dumplings.

Looking back at this photo makes me drool. Yummilicious durian cendol sslluuuurrrppp!

While enjoying our durian cendol, the owner was wrapping the dumplings and took my chance to snap some pics. The blue colour looks so fake eh? But the result of it is very yummy. I do hope she uses those flowers to make the blue colour and not anything artificial.

To end our short break in Malacca for CNY this year, I bought RM80 worth of dumplings!! @.@

We'll be back to Malacca again with our boys for we have not explored all of this historical city.


Yee Ling said...

okie..must mark this eatery the next time we go.

Kitty said...

I like the dumpling. Blue in colour? First time seeing blue dumpling :P

Ken Wooi said...

Gotta love Malacca, the food especially :D

Hate it during public holidays tho :P

missyblurkit said...

i wonder if he blue is the same blue that they use for the nyonya kueh that comes from a purplish blue flower though this kinda look too blue:P

i am enjoying reading all the post on malacca. gives more ideas on where to hit during my trip.

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i went there during CNY too but the famous dragon just appeared to be smaller than i'd have expected.

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