Wednesday, March 07, 2012

KidZania - a world of Role Play

Continuing from my previous post, we started our role play journey by visiting the Police Department. Upon arrival, we were told that the activity has started and the next session will only commence 20 minutes later. We decided to stay and que for all the other establishments is either having it's own que or activities started. Better to stay and wait and be guaranteed you have a job than wondering everywhere jobless! :p

Parents are not allowed entry thus all I did was hung around outside the establishments and peek here and there to see what they are doing inside as well as to catch some shots. All the 'lil police were briefted on their task and dressed up in uniforms. And then ACTION started when we hear sirens blasting out.


The police on duty started their duty and went to the scene to control the crowd while the fire engine wheezes by with 'lil fireman/woman inside all ready to put out the fire! The scene is as real as it can get. Real water for the fireman/woman to put out, fire blazing from the windows and burnt curtains and sounds of glass breaking! Fuhh!! it's a sight to behold!

The police did a great job controlling the crowd and the fireman/woman did a fabulous job putting out the fire. Kids returned to their own establishment and got paid :D

Next, we went to the Fire Department and was advised to go to other establishment first as the activity started and the one that Cavan wanted which was putting out fire is not due so soon. So we went to visit Air Asia office for the job of a Pilot.

Cavan qued for 30-45 mins just to have a chance at the cockpit. Before becoming a pilot he has to be a passenger first. I heard from him that they were serve food, FAKE food (aiyoh he expected REAL food this boy hahaha...) and then he got his hands on the wheel at the stimulator and piloted an aircraft.

The photo of him pilotting the aircraft cost me a whooping RM20!! gggrrr...all because I'm not allowed to go in to take a shot. So well, it's a memory for him and me. I wonder how come there's no pilot uniform tho for all the other establishments has their own uniform. Not even a cap?!

Do look at the way his craft is flying. Do you dare to sit on the craft my boy pilots? He needs more training! hehehe.... Although the wait time for this is long, he definitely enjoyed himself throughly smiling from cheek to cheek when he came out with more kidzos on hand :p

Job completed we went back to the Fire Deparment only to get myself annoyed there!! The staff told me that all the numbers given out and all task are FULL till 2.30pm which is the last session! >.< When did the numbering system took place?? We asked earlier and was told to return as it was a first come first serve kinda thing only to be told this???

Okay nevermind we go to other establishments. After rounding here and there, Cavan wanted rock climbing but I didnt allow this as I want his fractured elbow to be completely healed before he go on such stunts where he needed the strength of his hands. So we decided then to try our luck again at the Fire Department despite being told it's all FULL.

This time, the staff was holding number some cards with number 2 written on it. When asked it's available for que but the activity is a briefing on how to handle fire extinguishers. Cavan said okay at least get to try out fireman role. So he qued again holding the card with #2 on it.

As Cavan was queing, I started conversation with the staff (the same fella from our 1st pit stop at this establishment) and suggested that maybe they should have a "que line" - some sort of "barricade" to differentiate between kids queing and those walking past and peek coz it started to get messy with kids and parents around. Some kids "conveniently qued" at the first spot when they came to the front to peek inside the establishment.

It was then that this staff "educated" me that KidZania worldwide do not believe in having a "que line" for the kids need to learn independence and parents are not supposed to que with the kids. Yes, I agree but it's confusing for we do not know where is the que line in the first place! I did not want to argue with him for he has a plastered expression on his face. It's just a suggestion to ease his job and for us parents to know where the que starts. Thinking back, I did see a que barricade at the Marry Brown establishment. Now I wonder KidZania worldwide has different standard for each establishment??

Also what annoyed me further was they gave out numbers (card with number 1 written on it) thus I saw parents returning with their precious card and telling the staff here I have the card for the 1.15pm activity session. I personally think it's not fair to give out numbers. If you want fairness, then just get the kid to que up and wait for your turn!

After the fireman briefing, Cavan proceeded to become the car mechanic. Here he learn how to service the truck and managed to bring it back to life when he start the ignition and the truck went "vvrrooommm!!".

Completed this and went to Marry Brown's establishment to make himself a burger. However, he started getting restless with all the waiting and decided not to spent his money. He said better go make money (LOL), so went to Pos Laju to be the Deliveryman. Cavan went for this job twice - 1st to delivery parcel and 2nd to collect it.

And before we know it, our 5 hours adventure came to an end where we saw the staff did a dance number and bade us all goodbye.

Will we come back again? DEFINITELY! Cavan has been pestering me everyday to go back but will wait awhile for more establishments to be opened before bringing our kidzos to play. In that 5 hours of work, Cavan made a profit of 61 kidzos which is on top of his 50 kidzo cashed out earlier. He didnt spent a single cent!!

For now his 111 kidzos is safely kept away in his wallet.


Yee Ling said...

I think Sunday was crowded,right?

prince n princess mum said...

He earn a lot of kidzos o.. :)
Well done!~

Very fun place!~ My kids love it.....

Agree with you, it'll definitely be great, if the pilot is wearing costume... really~~~

Nikel Khor said...

playg ground with knowledge

Merryn said...

Handsome nyer that Pos Laju boy! :D

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