Wednesday, March 14, 2012

BIG Feast!

I'm wrapping up my CNY 2012 posts with this feast that we had with our usual group during CNY. We had special delivery of fish and prawns from Sandakan all thanks to Dino Giap :D
First of course we must have "yee sang" to wish upon our dreams :))

One for the album

Not willing to be left out is Caden. He practically crawled up onto the table (see his knee on table or not??) to has his share of toss! hehehe....

We ordered herbal chicken....for one of our member wants to nourish his health :p

The prawn came out next and look at how HUGE they are! @.@

For comparison, it is that HUGE! I had one and it satisfy me enough yumz!! This is flown in from Sandakan. Juicy and fresh *thumbs up*

We also ordered vegetable. Must have in every meal. Vegetables is good for you and me :DWe also had steam fish. Succulent flesh, extremely fresh. Also flown in from Sandakan.And this prawn lobster style. It's not prawn mantis. I don't know the name. Do you?

Huge eh? Yummy too! I like <3
Last but not least, a group photo of us all for memories. May our friendship last forever more!
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