Monday, February 20, 2012

The Tranquerah a revisit

I said I'll be back to try their other dishes after savouring only two the last time I was there for a tea break and shelter from rain. I had my chance that lovely evening and had a FEAST of Nyonya food! :) ❤ ❤

Let's take a memory trip of what I had right before Chinese New Year.

Nyonya mix vegetables

This is really a first time for me having this mix vege dish. I expected it to be the normal mix vege that I have in other restaurant. Didnt expect it to be served in gravy style. Yummy though so okay for me. Acceptable :)

Next, we tried their Otak-Otak.


Their otak-otak is served without the banana leaf. I'm so used to having my otak-otak wrapped in banance leaf and I still prefer being served this style @.@ Nevertheless, The Tranquerah's Otak-Otak is equally delicious.

*Otak-Otak literal translated from Malay to English is "Brain" but dont be fooled by it's name. It is actually a dish made out of fish meat and spices. You can read more about this dish here.

What's a nyonya dinner without trying their Pongteh Chicken. I used to have this dish at home cooked by my mum. Still having it on and off at home nowadays :D I remember the first time I tried this dish in one of Malacca Restaurant and was so disappointed with it as I expected being in Malacca and eating in a Nyonya Restaurant, this dish will be superb but.... :((

So I wanted to try it again outside of home and am glad to say that The Tranquerah's Pongteh Chicken is GOOD!! Of course my mum's will always be the FIRST for me but this is good, I'll order it again the next time I'm back at The Tranquerah.

The chicken meat is tender and my kiddos love it. Actually I can just finish up my rice with this dish alone. Don't forget the sambal belacan! Mix the gravy and the sambal and ooh my! Can even go for second round!

sambal belacan which I had lots of that night. It's addictive!

Besides Pongteh Chicken, we also ordered Nyonya Fried Chicken. It's soft and juicy on the inside but crispy when I bite on it. Very aromatic, it's delicious eaten on it's own without any sauce whatsoever.

We also had Telur Cincaluk (fermented small shrimps fried egg). The other way I liked to have my cincaluk dose is dipping it with grill fish. It dont really look good bottled up but it's real yummy. Guess I'm exposed to these type of "cuisine" since young thus able to stomach it. I'll say that Cincaluk is akin to Durian. It's either you love it or you dont.

We added a last order which is the appetizer. Had it the other way round hahaha... No need to go in proper order lah as long as it's yummy, when the appetizer arrives doesnt matter right? We had non other that Pai Tee aka Top Hats.

I was impressed with the way they serve their Pai Tee and still is. It's beautiful and looks to good to be eaten but I ate it anyway hahahaha.....

So looking back now, it seems that we ordered a lot only for 4 adults and 2 kids but we sweep clean all the dishes!!

The Tranquerah
Red Carpet Avenue
Encorp Strand
Jalan PJU 5/22
Kota Damansara
(T) 603 - 6142 4106

If you're around The Strand area, you can give The Tranquerah a try. Here's my boy after dinner enjoying the cool breeze at The Red Carpet, The Strand.

Ooh ooh, did you notice what sort of chair Caden is sitting on? Look closer, it's made of tin biscuits!! Cool yea...


Food Dreams said...

Love this place... I enjoyed their Brinjal and Asam Stingray the last time I went there... super yum!

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