Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SHOCKED!! I'm a grandmother?? :p

It was another usual day for us until Cavan came out of the room and asked "Mummy, why is there a small animal inside?" Me busy sorting out my stuff went HUH, small animal?? What da heck you talking about now??

Straight went in to check what he's referring to and to my SHOCK (am still am while writing this!!) to see these tiny fellas.....


It's BABIES, BABY HAMSTER!!!! and all these while we THOUGHT we had TWO MALE hamsters. Gay kah ni??? How could this happened when we specifically bought TWO MALE HAMSTERS??!!!

What to do now?? Hub went out "yum-cha" and I'm left with two excited kiddos and 4 babies hamster. To add on, da MALE hamster is chasing after his wifey for mating right after she has just given birth!! ffuuuhhh! no need to rest this one, very hyper... what have we been feeding em??

Called Alicia for advise and whole night long kept an eye on da MALE hamster for he's very "gatal" and da babies. As soon as hubs opened the door, shove a make-do box for him to carry da MALE hamster out. Not safe to let him be in the same roof as da wifey and babies. We are scared he may harm da babies. Let the wifey do her motherly duties by caring and feeding da babies.

New mum nourishing herself for her new task ahead

We will decide tomorrow the next step. For now, let's rest for it had been a SHOCKING night!

Over a couple of hours, my son became a "father" and us we became "grandparents"! :p :p


dReaMcHaS​eZ said...

Hoho...Congrats! :P

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

omg the baby hamsters are so super tiny! grats :)

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missyblurkit said...

congras? hehehe

be careful that the momma does not eat up her kids:-( it has happened before to my nieces' hammies.

Merryn said...

Thank goodness while you waiting for your hubs to balik, the momma hamster tak makan the anaks! It happens ya know?

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