Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malacca's Zoo

Part of our Chinese New Year this year, we went down South to Malacca. This time we stayed a night so that the kiddos have more time to explore Malacca.

Our first stop in Malacca before checking in is Malacca Zoo. I've been here once many many many many years before when they first opened and was impressed with it. Found it nicer than our National Zoo!

This time it was not disspointing as well but things have changed a lot here in Malacca Zoo. We had a very tiring walk that afternoon for the sun was high and HOT!! The kiddos however didnt seem to feel anything for they enjoyed their time in the zoo. They are happy so are we! :D

So what did we see that hot afternoon in Malacca Zoo *lots of photos coming next which is only part of what I captured!*

colourful parrots

a white rhino which looks "dead" to me. really not moving at all!

Cavan trying his hand at taking lomo pics

the pony that stuck his head out to greet us "Hello"

an angry looking bull. Better dont play-play

After brother had his chance, it's lil brother's turn to take some pics! :p

Cavan spotted this and requested for a ride. Although his right hand is restricted due to his fractured arm, he still insisted for a ride so go lah @.@

away he goes riding his pony

smiling all the way...

I just this shot, it looks as though he's galloping...should have photoshop out that guy holding onto the reins and it's a perfect galloping shot! :D

What's a zoo without some giraffes. So here's giraffes shading away from the torching sun saying "HI".

We also saw some exquisite birds having their tea break.

And deers too...

And I forgot what this animal is. Mountain goat family?? I feel pain at my knees looking at the way he sits.

Some inactive tigers which was so hard to spot coz they hid themselves so in and Cavan took this shot by the way and has a tripped thus the hazy look photo. Too excited looking at tigers! @-@

And we saw lots of stork and told Cavan that this was the bird that brought him to us when he was a baby thus his stork mark in between his eyebrows. He still has this mark and it'll become apparent when he's hot or in a temper. He bought our story, an innocence of a kid. Nice. Cute. :p

Some more birds....

Some poses here and there....

Ugly looking Malaysian bears...hahaha....

A monkey nicely sitting under his mushroom umbrella and oblivious to all the visitors who stop and look at him and snap snap....

This one trying to intimidate me when I tried to get closer for a closer shot. I achieved my objective but guess not for him coz he's still in the cage! :p

I've skipped the slittery part of snakes. Just gives me the creep! I stayed outside and waited for Cavan and hubs cooling myself and Caden off before we go through the last leg of the zoo.

We finally saw elephants! I've been wondering how come there's no elephants in Malacca Zoo. The kids had a fun time seeing this baby elephant playing with the tyre, throwing it around his back and getting it off his back. Smart!

After this we even managed to catch the Zoo's live interactive session with visitors before we finally head out to Malacca's town to check-in and rest before having our dinner.

Next post, our yummilicious Nyonya food dinner.


Anonymous said...

caden look so pro..like a pro camera man..hehe...i never saw de *mountain goat*, never know had this animal in animal life...

Melaka Cool said...

We link to your post. We hope you dont mind.

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