Friday, February 17, 2012


Parents, have you heard about it? The newest coolest place to hang out? - for your kids.

It's non other than KidZania. An entertainment and educational centre for kids to play the oldest known game. Do you want what that game is? It's non other than


Over the weekend, I've selected two photos of Cavan and Caden and kept it for later when I'm free to upload their pics in Kidzania's site to register my interest to visit them when they are open.

Cavan the lion dancer

Caden the car racer! hehehe....

While walking around The Curve, we met with Kidzania's crew and there's a booth for the kiddos to take their pictures. So apa lagi, no need so susah susah go find picture for the kids. The booth are equipped with costumes. They can choose what they want to be and Kidzania's crew will snap it and print it on the spot for you. Cool leh? Not only that, you will be given a code number and you can go to Kidzania's website and download that pic and submit it as well. So that is what I did. Easy peasy! :D

So here's presenting to you professionally taken pic with professional profession hahaha.....

Cavan the pilot
"When I grow up, I want to be a pilot because I'll get to see the world and absorb in the different cultures and customs"

Caden the handyman
"When I grow up, I want to be a handyman because I can help mummy, daddy and all at home to repair things around the house"

You can still hop into Kidzania's site and submit your kids photo and await their email confirmation if you get invited. I hope I do and can't look forward to stepping into a city the size of my boys and playing not grown up but a different role that I'm in now :)

Kidzania is opening this 28 February 2012 and you may want to follow their FB page to be in the know.

Doesn't that airplane head peeking out of the building beckons you to just go in and check it out yourself what else the place has to offer?


Soulie said...

wahhh cool lahhh! nak check out also!

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