Monday, February 20, 2012

Ipoh's Cowan Street Chicken Rice

Back in the mid of December 2011, we went up North to fetch my mother in-law back to KL and on the way we stopped by Ipoh for dinner.

Ipoh besides being well known for it's dimsum, their chicken and beansprout is also the talk of town. We went to Restaurant Cowan Street and savoured their chicken and beansprout, a joint I believe which the locals frequent.

Easily spotted along the main street. Becareful though when you stepped in as the floor is quite slippery!

As I was not very hungry, I opted for a bowl of "koay teow".

plain bowl of kuey teow

We order chicken intestines as well. Have you ever tried chicken intestines? It's crunchy! :))

Cannot miss out is Ipoh's short and crunchy beansprout. I could just eat this dish by itself. Sweet crunchy beansprout... hhmm...

And then we have the star of the night, the chicken itself! I sometimes feel that Ipoh's chicken is a bit cold. Could this be their secret for smooth silky chicken?

Really not a good idea posting about nice yummy food at night. It's making me hungry :(

Will definitely go back to Restaurant Cowan Street for their delicious chicken and beansprout. The next time I want to try their chicken feet. I saw a lot of patrons ordered that and it looks yummy.


Cynthia said...

I know some traders will put the chicken in ice cold water to cut the cooking time, so the chicken will be crunchy coz won't overcook... therefore you find the chicken cold...

Nikel Khor said...


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