Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day ❤

I don't usually do movie reviews but this round I'm making an exception for it's Valentine's Day today peeps! ❤ ❤ Dont' worry, this post is not gonna be mushy mushy post :D

I'm not ashamed to say that at this age I still love Disney's classic. Any chance I get I'll jump to see, to touch, to feel, to get, as long as it's Disney! I've grown up with Disney and I can safely say that I know most of it's classic tales.

Lately I'm caught up with heavy work commitments and not able to blog as much as I wish as well as blog hopping. The feeling is so not good :( Then one fine day, my fingers just went into Churp Churp blog and low and behold I saw that Churp Churp is giving out tix for Beauty and The Beast preview in 3D!! No need to wait anymore, work will STOP for awhile for me to tweet out my entry to get a chance at this and watdaya know, I got it! :)) Thanks Churp Churp!

So I went with my hubs and watched this classic touching tale in 3D. Nothing chance except that you see it in 3D. The flowers, the trees, the castle, Belle and the Beast is so close when I put on those 3D glasses that I can just reach out and touch em.

It's truly a classic tale, an everlasting fairy tale where Beauty found her Prince Charming in the Beast overlooking his Beastly horror image. True love lies in the heart. You have to see pass the surface to find your true love.

Overall, I enjoyed my Beauty and The Beast in 3D. It's a revisit for me this time in 3D and I wish I could weave my fingers thru Beast's hair and feel it's silky softness :p

If you have nothing else to do this Valentine and wish to avoid those crowded overpriced establishment, why not take your love to enjoy this movie together. Ooh yah, make sure both of you like Disney :)) It's what lies inside the heart that counts! :D



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