Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CNY 2012 in Pearl of the Orient

What a late post this is on this year's Chinese New Year! Been so caught up with nothing else but work work work! Anyway better late than nothing. So where and what I've been doing during CNY 2012.

On the eve went back to hubs hometown and had reunion dinner. This year, instead of having it at home we ate out in one of the usual joint my in-laws love going too @-@. Nothing extraordinary or special to shout about. Just that I dont have to do the dishes at the end of the meal! muahahahaha..... Partly the reason for having our reunion dinner out of home is because my mother in-law is still on the road to recovery after the accident in December 2011.

First day of Dragon Year dawn on us the as usual went house to house visiting with in-laws. This year we went down to Seremban and then Semenyih. Only two houses and I'm beat up by the evening due to the HOT weather.

Second day after "breaking New Year" with in-laws, it's my turn to return to my parents home to visit them. This is the custom for Chinese. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Instead of going back to my parents home, we went home and packed our bags for a trip up North. Why? coz my parents went up North with my brother. Thus we all headed up there. Arrived in Penang just in time for some yummilicious crabbie feast :D

Met up with my parents, brother's family and my sister in-law's family in Tg. Tokong at Cafe Sea Pearl Lagoon. It's donkey years since I last stepped into Tg. Tokong. They are well known for their grill crabs.

Our group that night

can you see those roe?

ain't they mouth watering? yumz-yumz

Besides crabs, we had grilled prawns too and it was so fresh, you could still taste the sea when you bite into the flesh!

The streets leading in and out of Tg. Tokong's village was beautifully decorated with lanterns.
After a heartful dinner, we proceeded to Gurney Paragon. Gurney Drive's went thru massive change over the years. Not only this place, the whole of Penang island has changed tremendously. There's lot of cafes and pubs in Penang now unlike donkey years before. It is a very modern modest island :))

At Gurney Paragon, we had Pacific Coffee while enjoying the breeze and people watching.
The kids had a field time running about enjoying themselves in the vast area thats beautifully lighted up.

Besides the kiddos, us adults also had a gala time getting our pics snapped by posing near those dimly lit lights LOL!


We noticed that other people started following suit what we were doing. Lying on the ground close to the light to get a good pic! hehehe.... Arent's we all a trend setter! LOLX!!

The second day in Penang, we went to Miami Beach! Did you know that in Malaysia we have our own Miami Beach? I didn't and only knew about it that day and I've been to Penang so so many times! Big failure here >.<

The boys enjoying some fun time at the beach. Caden knows how to pick up pebbles and throw them at the sea. He sure enjoys seeing the pebbles landing "plop" in the water.

We visited my father's relative as well and before you know it, it's another day gone. That night we brought my parents to Straits Quay. I love this place very much for it's nice to sit at the patio and enjoy your cuppa while people watching LOL. It's just a beautiful place and gives me the feeling that I'm oversea :))

The next day, it's time to bade goodbye to Penang and head back to reality. On our way back, we stopby Taiping for it's famous Cendol. Am disaapointed that it is just normal cendol. There are better ones. Well, at least I can say I've been there and tried it :p
So this is what I did on the 1st to 4th day of CNY. They say that the dragon brought a lot of water to KL but it was blazing HOT in Penang while KL enjoys the water and coolness it brought.


Yee Ling said...

Wahhh!! Syiok la. I always enjoy celebrating New Year at mom's side.hahahahah

Anonymous said...

wahh.. look at the yummy crabs

Now I know where you got the latest picture profile in FB

- SandyG

Small Kucing said...

wow...so many yummy places


Merryn said...

ok.. so that is where ur FB profile pic came from! I've always wanted to ask u why you looked so casper in that pic :P Now I know, it's the light! :D

Charmaine said...

I love the seafood there too! Especially the salted prawns!

mom2ashleyaidan said...

what a nice trip! and the crab session? YUMMY!
How is Cavan coping in std 1?

life-muses said...

@YeeLing @Small Kuching @Charmaine - i'm still thinking of the crabs and prawns...must go back there when I head back up North!

@Sandy @Merryn - yep that's where I got that profile pic from...not very scary rite? hehehe....

@mom2ashleyaidan - Cavan is coping well in Std1 which is good news! Hope Ashely is too :D

missyblurkit said...

lovely grilled seafood. i must check that out when i return to penang.

straits quay makes penang so "atas". was back recently and chilled there with some penang pals. awesome!

prince n princess mum said...

Yummy seafood!~ Nice trip!~

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