Wednesday, February 29, 2012

SHOCKED!! I'm a grandmother?? :p

It was another usual day for us until Cavan came out of the room and asked "Mummy, why is there a small animal inside?" Me busy sorting out my stuff went HUH, small animal?? What da heck you talking about now??

Straight went in to check what he's referring to and to my SHOCK (am still am while writing this!!) to see these tiny fellas.....


It's BABIES, BABY HAMSTER!!!! and all these while we THOUGHT we had TWO MALE hamsters. Gay kah ni??? How could this happened when we specifically bought TWO MALE HAMSTERS??!!!

What to do now?? Hub went out "yum-cha" and I'm left with two excited kiddos and 4 babies hamster. To add on, da MALE hamster is chasing after his wifey for mating right after she has just given birth!! ffuuuhhh! no need to rest this one, very hyper... what have we been feeding em??

Called Alicia for advise and whole night long kept an eye on da MALE hamster for he's very "gatal" and da babies. As soon as hubs opened the door, shove a make-do box for him to carry da MALE hamster out. Not safe to let him be in the same roof as da wifey and babies. We are scared he may harm da babies. Let the wifey do her motherly duties by caring and feeding da babies.

New mum nourishing herself for her new task ahead

We will decide tomorrow the next step. For now, let's rest for it had been a SHOCKING night!

Over a couple of hours, my son became a "father" and us we became "grandparents"! :p :p

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Getaway in the City!

The last I stepped foot into Swiss Garden was when I bought a voucher for an English Afternoon Tea at their Green Treats Delicatessen. Just last week, I was invited to view their new Suites at the Residences wing.

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences presented to us 2 majestic suites located on the 33rd floor :

** Bukit Bintang Suite - 5 bedroom with a private balcony
** Kuala Lumpur Suite - 4 bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe

The Suites deemed the most iconic of all living spaces, implies sheer elegance, emphasising on space, views and an enviable urban lifestyle. Well sentence, it was SPACE that struck me when I first stepped foot inside. Ample of space for kiddos to run around or adults to walk about without saying "excuse me", please move aside hahaha.... Not only that, it has nice views of KL skyline especially when you turn and spot KLCC and KL Tower :)

The Suites spanned over 2300 sqft and publish rates are RM8,o00++ (call up and ask for the exact rates as this is only Publish Rates. For those familiar with hotels, some has promo rates, so call up to get the actual rate) comes with spacious living room, dining area, fully equipped kitchen, bath tub, rain shower and study area. Imagine yourself having a bath or shower with either a KL Tower or KLCC view. Aahhh nice bliss. I think I can just sit in the tub for hours enjoying my bath and view while outside KL city is bustling with activities.

It'll be nice a getaway gathering all family members together. Getaway in the City itself. You save time waiting for each other along the way and minimize the stress of forgetting to pack something for shops are aplenty downstairs as Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences is smack right in the city centre. Have not tried a getaway in KL City before? Well now you can start planning and huge group sharing out the cost is definitely cost effective!

After viewing both suites and going gaga over it, we were treated to try their Weekend BBQ Buffet at T@ste6 pronounced as Taste@6.

I love the area where T@ste6 is located. You can opt to dine outside and enjoy the cool breeze and overlook KL Skyline or inside where it's air-conditioned. Interior is nicely decorated and there's also a private dining room if you need that privacy.

Salad Bar with Assorted Dressings and Dessert Corner. We had Mesclun Salad, German Potato Salad, Greek Salad, Cous-cous Salad Salmon with Udon & Edamame Salad to name a few. Dressings aplenty as well and you can choose your preferred dressing to go with your salad with names such as Balsamic Vinaigrette, Spiced Orange Vinaigrette, Lemon or even Honey Mustard Dressing. You can even start off your dinner with a bowl of cream of mushroom and bread & butter.

Desserts were presented in nicely bite sized cakes - choclate brownies with basil cream, cheese cake with berry compote, carrot cake with cream cheese, creme caramel and fresh tropical fruits for those who prefer something refreshing and light.

For the main course, we had tiger prawns, squid, fish tikka, thai chicken thights, rosemary & garlic lamb shoulder, pakistani chicken kebabs that came with assorted accompaniments of roasted rosemary potatoes, buttered mixed vegetables, herbed rice pilaf and spaghetti aglio olio.

You can order a cuppa or fresh fruit juices. I ended my meal with a latte and was plesantly surprised to be served a glass of latte with latte art on it! Lovely isn't it?
If you're interested, their Weekend BBQ is priced at RM96 nett with BUY 1 FREE 1 Promo (only applies for adult rate). Per child is RM 24 Nett. Kids below 5 years old eats for FREE!

The BBQ is available on weekends only from 6.30pm -11.00pm. Prior Reservation must be made before dining in. Call 03 2785 1284 for T@ste6 Restaurant.

I also went round and spotted their Infinity Pool. The Gymnasium is just right beside it and it's a great place to work out overlooking the pool.

Swiss Garden Hotel & Residences Kuala Lumpur
117 Jalan Pudu
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Telephone : (603) 21413333

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

PropWall Penang Largest Property Website

If you're been following my post, you'll notice that I've been going up North quite frequent since December 2011. The last trip I'm in Penang is during CNY 2012.

Each time I'm in Penang I'll exclaimed that Penang has changed tremendously. It's not what it used to be like when I see Penang thru my then child's eye. Penang has grown to be a very trendy island. No longer backward anymore. Buildings, malls and very apparent are cafes that can be seen everywhere al fresco style. In other words, it's so "IN" now.

Not only that, property in Penang has also grown. There's so many new construction sites works that are going on, new area that was once "just a piece of land". With development comes high sky prices as well and Penang properties are not cheap!

Although I'm local city gal, my roots travels to Penang as well and there's still relatives that is staying there. Penang has also given me good memories not to mention good food! :)) Looking at all those new properties there, sometimes I wish maybe I should purchase a property in Penang instead of KL. Itchy hands, I went to google to check out the various properties available in Penang and I landed at PropWall.

It was easy searching for Penang Properties here in PropWall, all I needed to to is click on Penang under the "areas" column and voila! I'm seeing properties available in Penang Island. Take your pick of which category you're interested in and the list will come out.

I'm impressed with the selection available and had an informative time surfing thru PropWall Penang Property. I love the names of the properties in Penang. I'm eyeing this Moonlight Bay in Batu Ferringhi. Name is nice and so is the price. I think I shall just continue to dream of my own dreamhouse and model it after Moonlight Bay....

The above pic is taken at Straits Quay, Penang. Doesnt it gives you a feel that you're "overseas" in Europe? I was indeed "over sea" in Penang for I crossed over Penang bridge to get into Penang Island :p

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Malacca's Zoo

Part of our Chinese New Year this year, we went down South to Malacca. This time we stayed a night so that the kiddos have more time to explore Malacca.

Our first stop in Malacca before checking in is Malacca Zoo. I've been here once many many many many years before when they first opened and was impressed with it. Found it nicer than our National Zoo!

This time it was not disspointing as well but things have changed a lot here in Malacca Zoo. We had a very tiring walk that afternoon for the sun was high and HOT!! The kiddos however didnt seem to feel anything for they enjoyed their time in the zoo. They are happy so are we! :D

So what did we see that hot afternoon in Malacca Zoo *lots of photos coming next which is only part of what I captured!*

colourful parrots

a white rhino which looks "dead" to me. really not moving at all!

Cavan trying his hand at taking lomo pics

the pony that stuck his head out to greet us "Hello"

an angry looking bull. Better dont play-play

After brother had his chance, it's lil brother's turn to take some pics! :p

Cavan spotted this and requested for a ride. Although his right hand is restricted due to his fractured arm, he still insisted for a ride so go lah @.@

away he goes riding his pony

smiling all the way...

I just this shot, it looks as though he's galloping...should have photoshop out that guy holding onto the reins and it's a perfect galloping shot! :D

What's a zoo without some giraffes. So here's giraffes shading away from the torching sun saying "HI".

We also saw some exquisite birds having their tea break.

And deers too...

And I forgot what this animal is. Mountain goat family?? I feel pain at my knees looking at the way he sits.

Some inactive tigers which was so hard to spot coz they hid themselves so in and Cavan took this shot by the way and has a tripped thus the hazy look photo. Too excited looking at tigers! @-@

And we saw lots of stork and told Cavan that this was the bird that brought him to us when he was a baby thus his stork mark in between his eyebrows. He still has this mark and it'll become apparent when he's hot or in a temper. He bought our story, an innocence of a kid. Nice. Cute. :p

Some more birds....

Some poses here and there....

Ugly looking Malaysian bears...hahaha....

A monkey nicely sitting under his mushroom umbrella and oblivious to all the visitors who stop and look at him and snap snap....

This one trying to intimidate me when I tried to get closer for a closer shot. I achieved my objective but guess not for him coz he's still in the cage! :p

I've skipped the slittery part of snakes. Just gives me the creep! I stayed outside and waited for Cavan and hubs cooling myself and Caden off before we go through the last leg of the zoo.

We finally saw elephants! I've been wondering how come there's no elephants in Malacca Zoo. The kids had a fun time seeing this baby elephant playing with the tyre, throwing it around his back and getting it off his back. Smart!

After this we even managed to catch the Zoo's live interactive session with visitors before we finally head out to Malacca's town to check-in and rest before having our dinner.

Next post, our yummilicious Nyonya food dinner.

Monday, February 20, 2012

The Tranquerah a revisit

I said I'll be back to try their other dishes after savouring only two the last time I was there for a tea break and shelter from rain. I had my chance that lovely evening and had a FEAST of Nyonya food! :) ❤ ❤

Let's take a memory trip of what I had right before Chinese New Year.

Nyonya mix vegetables

This is really a first time for me having this mix vege dish. I expected it to be the normal mix vege that I have in other restaurant. Didnt expect it to be served in gravy style. Yummy though so okay for me. Acceptable :)

Next, we tried their Otak-Otak.


Their otak-otak is served without the banana leaf. I'm so used to having my otak-otak wrapped in banance leaf and I still prefer being served this style @.@ Nevertheless, The Tranquerah's Otak-Otak is equally delicious.

*Otak-Otak literal translated from Malay to English is "Brain" but dont be fooled by it's name. It is actually a dish made out of fish meat and spices. You can read more about this dish here.

What's a nyonya dinner without trying their Pongteh Chicken. I used to have this dish at home cooked by my mum. Still having it on and off at home nowadays :D I remember the first time I tried this dish in one of Malacca Restaurant and was so disappointed with it as I expected being in Malacca and eating in a Nyonya Restaurant, this dish will be superb but.... :((

So I wanted to try it again outside of home and am glad to say that The Tranquerah's Pongteh Chicken is GOOD!! Of course my mum's will always be the FIRST for me but this is good, I'll order it again the next time I'm back at The Tranquerah.

The chicken meat is tender and my kiddos love it. Actually I can just finish up my rice with this dish alone. Don't forget the sambal belacan! Mix the gravy and the sambal and ooh my! Can even go for second round!

sambal belacan which I had lots of that night. It's addictive!

Besides Pongteh Chicken, we also ordered Nyonya Fried Chicken. It's soft and juicy on the inside but crispy when I bite on it. Very aromatic, it's delicious eaten on it's own without any sauce whatsoever.

We also had Telur Cincaluk (fermented small shrimps fried egg). The other way I liked to have my cincaluk dose is dipping it with grill fish. It dont really look good bottled up but it's real yummy. Guess I'm exposed to these type of "cuisine" since young thus able to stomach it. I'll say that Cincaluk is akin to Durian. It's either you love it or you dont.

We added a last order which is the appetizer. Had it the other way round hahaha... No need to go in proper order lah as long as it's yummy, when the appetizer arrives doesnt matter right? We had non other that Pai Tee aka Top Hats.

I was impressed with the way they serve their Pai Tee and still is. It's beautiful and looks to good to be eaten but I ate it anyway hahahaha.....

So looking back now, it seems that we ordered a lot only for 4 adults and 2 kids but we sweep clean all the dishes!!

The Tranquerah
Red Carpet Avenue
Encorp Strand
Jalan PJU 5/22
Kota Damansara
(T) 603 - 6142 4106

If you're around The Strand area, you can give The Tranquerah a try. Here's my boy after dinner enjoying the cool breeze at The Red Carpet, The Strand.

Ooh ooh, did you notice what sort of chair Caden is sitting on? Look closer, it's made of tin biscuits!! Cool yea...

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