Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Winter Solstice cum Christmas Dinner 2011

I posted the dish I made for Winter Solstice. Here's the full entry of what we had that night. It was a close family dinner for Winter Solstice cum Christmas. The venue - my aunt's house in Mont Kiara.

First let me show you the set-up made for this Winter Solstice cum Christmas Dinner.

Beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Spectacular table setting, do you agree?

Now to the food. It's all homemade except for two dishes which was packed from the shop. As it was a pot luck gathering, each family made a dish there.

Roast Stuffed Chicken made by yours truly

mushroom salad

aubergine (brinjal) salad

beef salad

yong tau fu

grill portugese style fish

babi kecap, an indonesian dish

apple cinnamon cake

And here the gang of us minus me of course since I'm behind the camera! :D

I hope you had a great Winter Solstice as we awaits the coming Year of the Dragon and a fabulous Christmas dinner with your family. I know I did.


Eunice said...

wow! Big feast! nice feast!!! slurrppp~^^

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