Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dad's 70th Surprise Birthday Bash!

We planned this surprised birthday for my dad 2 months ahead. Slowly coming out with the guest list, sourcing and purchasing favour, choosing location and designing the menu.

It was tough getting the contacts for most of them are with my dad. We weave here and there and got all the contacts we wanted and informed our guests the date, venue and time and most importantly stressing on the SURPRISE.

As I was saying in my Christmas round-up post, I went to Suria KLCC on a mission - to meet one of our overseas guest and long family friend who came purposely for the birthday bash.

Uncle Tony and Aunty Bea from Australia/Singapore

The day finally arrived and the venue that my brother choose was in Ampang - SKH Riverview Seafood Village. Timing was perfect as everyone arrives and the main star my Dad of course was the last to arrived.

The restaurant was crowded that time and he not expecting other guests was searching for familiar face ie. our own family members and when he started to see his guests he was surprised and went into a daze like from one table to another when he saw more and more of our invited guests.

He really was SURPRISED and delighted to have them all with him celebrating his birthday.

Now onto the food that we had - usual 8 course menu.

Started off with individual serving of double boiled lotus black bean soup without MSG, followed by birthday mee. Birthday mee are usually served in the long form for it symbolises longetivity.

We then had two flavours chicken - ginger steamed and smoked. Boy, was the chicken "smokey". We also had fried salted squid and cheese balls as our appetizer.

Our fish came in two style - flesh steam on a bed of smooth tofu and the fish head went into claypot style. One must eat veges so we had a platter of mix veges. Not forgetting our special soy sauce king prawn which was big juicy and fresh!

We ended our meal with a sweet dessert of red bean soup with glutinous rice ball peanut filling.

My dad with his childhood buddies - Uncle Tony and Uncle Stanley.

Our guests for that night includes :

my parents care cell members

aunties and cousins

family members and cousins

friends and family members

in-laws from Penang and family members

We ended the night with my dad blowing his birthday cake.

Our family - from 4 of us to 10 pax in total!!

Each of our guest when home with tummy full, happy smiles and a favour to remember by.

THANK YOU everyone for making it to my dad's 70th birthday bash and for keeping this surprise from him.

keep going as it's only 70.....


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