Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Crack Elbow

Friday, 13 January 2012

Cavan got back home from school rather quiet and broke up in tears upon stepping into the house holding on to his right arm. Told us admist sobs that he fell down in school when school dismissed and his right hand is in pain.

My heart did a small twist upon hearing him say his hand in pain, can't move and seeing him holding his hand did not give me any positive thoughts. I had a 'dejavu' for a moment there remembering when he dislodge his own left wrist way back in 2009.

Calmly my mum fed him some red and green bean dessert to fill his tummy while pacifying him. Got him to have a shower and off we scouted off to the hospital. Having been thru this before helps me since hubs is away on Company Trip in Langkawi. Before we left the house, I've SMS him the news and wrote that can see physically his elbow has swollen and looked a bit dislodged.

As with A&E Procedure, after registering him they led him to the first base where the nurses will do the initial consultation. After asking a few questions and checking him up, his right arm was put on sling.

Cavan and his sling waiting for the MO after the initial consultation by the nurse

Waited for our turn to see the Medical Officer (MO) on duty and again relate the story and we were then ushered to the x-ray room. Once the x-ray film was printed out, we went into the MO's room again to see what's the damage. Suspicion is he has a crack on the lower bone of the elbow which was quite apparent in the x-ray. I was so hoping that it was just a dislodge elbow but guess this is not the case this time :(

I requested earlier from the nurse during the initial consultation to get Dr. Robert Penafort if it's found to be a similar case. Sad to say Dr. Robert is on leave till coming Monday. The MO called the other specialist, Dr. Gan Eng Cheng to explained the situation and we were then told that Cavan will be put on half cast and may be on it for the next 6 weeks. However, we are to return the next day which is today as I'm typing this out for Dr. Gan to check on him and advise further.

measuring the length of cast required

both of the nurses having a tough time cutting the cast!

start of the half cast session

wrapping it up tightly to support his elbow

putting the finishing touches

and he's ready to go home!

Let's hope that later when the sun rises and we consult Dr. Gan that it's nothing more serious than it is now. Looks like Cavan is going to spend his coming CNY with his right hand in cast.

waiting for me to settle the bill before we go back home

I thank God that it was his right hand that was injured and not his left for he's a left hander and he is still able to go to school and write except play the piano with both hands.

Thank you to all who left kind words when I posted my status with Cavan's photo in FB.


Lola said...

Oh no! Speedy recovery, Cavan!

dReaMcHaS​eZ said...

Great job! U managed well as your Hubby out for trip. Take good care, one of the best mum in world. And cavan is good boy too. He look calm in the hospital.

Soulie said...

huaaa so sedeh. lucky thing he still can write with his left hand.

Bengbeng said...

The poor child. Hope Cavan gets well soon

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