Thursday, January 05, 2012

Car Sifu - are you one?

It's the brand new year and some of us might be looking into changing our current car *wink wink hint hint* :))

Yea I admit my hubby is looking around and still is into changing his current car which at times gives a lot of problem. And when your car has problem it means problem to our pockets too!! Car maintenance nowadays is not cheap! Do you agree with me?

We went round a few showrooms to check out the cars and is now eyeing the Toyota Estima. Why Estima? because of the seating capacity and comfort of the car. With just one car, the whole family can go including grandparents. With parking becoming such a hassle nowadays, better just go out with one car instead of two and cut down on the time to find two parking spots or waiting for one another.

I personally find walking from one showroom to another very tiring and I admit too that I'm not that into cars myself. So the cars that I see is all the same to me for I dont know what to look out for besides the shape, colour and feel of it. It's a different thing for the guys I guess, for they will look out for things such as fuel consumption, engine capacity so on and so forth.

So what do I do to contribute my two cents when hunting for cars? I surf the net and found this - CarSifu. Boy was I happy and showed it to my hubs and he too went into it and check it out.

This site has a simple design and maneuvering around is easy as 1-2-3! :D Even me know how to find what I want to find :p

I just click on Toyota Cars to view all the cars produced by Toyota or simply key into their search box the exact car model that I want and voila!, a list of the cars pops out and all I have to do now is to click on view details to get more details of that particular car.

From here the details of the car is listed out with photos for you to view. Of course, viewing the actual car is a MUST thus there's a contact that you can get in touch with the seller and arrange the time and date for you to view the car that you have an eye for. Tell me, isn't this easy hassle free arrangement vs walking from one showroom to another and asking the same questions over and over again? Ooh did I tell you that this site has both NEW and USED cars for sale? No I didn't? Well I just did! :p

If you excuse me now, I'm gonna go back to the site and help my hubs to shortlist the cars that we wanna view. Toodles! :D


ken said...

i think i shall have a look too!

Kelvin Tan said...

Interesting name, carsifu. LOL

Henry Tan said...

yeah, maintenance cost a lot!
s why when buying a car have to consider if all the parts are easy to get or be repaired in Malaysia or not! =S

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