Friday, December 23, 2011

Roast Stuffed Chicken

We had Winter Solstice cum Christmas Dinner at my aunt's house in Mont Kiara. It was a pot luck gathering thus each family had to bring a dish.

As its a weekday and I'm working, I decided to make roast stuffed chicken. The original recipe is adopted from Zang Toi the fashion designer when he shared one of his recipe that I read from one magazine many many many years ago. I was not able to trace where I placed that said recipe thus I prepared the stuffing from my memory plus my own tweakings :))

Prepared the stuffing and side dish the night before and got my mum to help roast it before I reached home so that we can straight head to over to my aunt's.

First we need to marinate the chicken.

I gave it a good massage all over! :p The longer you marinate it the tastier it is. Thus I like to marinate my meat overnight for it to get fully absorbed with all the what nots that I throw in.

Next up, I prepared the ingredients for the stuffing. If you're preparing it on the same day you intent to roast your chicken, make sure the stuffing cooled down before you start stuffing 'em into the chicken's cavity.

Visualing that my chicken will be rather "plain" looking with all the stuffing inside it, I prepared brocolli and potatoes as side dishes. Didnt want my veges to be bland thus when I boiled them I added a pinch of salt in the water.

After draining the veges, I tossed them with some butter and threw in dashes of parshley, oregano and rosemary for flavor.

So now, how did my roast chicken turned out?

Taa-daa! My roast stuffed chicken all ready to be eaten! :p

Game to give this a try? It's an easy peasy no fuss recipe and dish that you can prepare and impress your guest with.

Recipe :
1 whole medium/large chicken
light and black/thick soya sauce
spices - rosemary and thyme
salt, pepper and sugar
honey (optional)
- thoroughly clean the chicken inside out and marinate it preferably for at least 3 hours

Stuffing :
Carrots - cubed
Button Mushrooms - cubed
Fresh Mushrooms - cubed
Wolfberries (kei chi)
Red Dates
Garlic - finely chopped
- first fragant the garlic, add in all the above and stir fry, salt to taste

Side Dish :
Brocolli - bite size
Potatoes - skinned and cut into half
- boil the vege with a pinch of salt added into the water, drain and toss with butter and add in dashes of parshley, oregano and rosemary

Line your pan and roast your chicken covered for 1 - 1.5 hours (depending on your oven's heat and chicken size). 15 mins before you remove the chicken from the oven, roast it uncovered to get a nice coloured dry skin.

Decorate your yummy dish with the side dish you prepared earlier. Now, you are ready to serve your easy homemade Roast Stuffed Chicken!

me and my roast chicken :p


Yee Ling said...

Delicious....the chicken looking so good. Would like to try it some days.

prince n princess mum said...

Looks so yummy!

Kelvin 'finalkt3' Tan said...

OMG. This makes me soooo hungry. >.<

FiSh said...

wow you're great at cooking! :) enjoy your big feast; merry christmas and happy new year in advance! :)


SandyG said...

good idea, no need to buy turkey next time

Merryn said...

Wowwie! This looks good!

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