Thursday, December 22, 2011

Graduation Party : Charleston Swing

Class of 2011 : that's the year my boy graduated from kindy :)

His kindy held a Graduation Party for all K2 kids and the theme was Charleston Swing. The party was held in PJ Hilton and it's even grander than any of my current Company's event!!

The ballroom set-up

The backdrop

Before the graduation ceremony take place, there were several counters set-up outside the ballroom where the kiddos get to decorate their own graduation frame, get themself balloons, tattoo, knick knacks accessories to dress up etc.. There's even a counter selling graduation bouquet! and this is only a Kindy's graduation mind you.

The teachers really dressed up for the event and so are the other parents and kids.

While the big brother is busy outside checking out those counters and playing with his friends, spotted lil brother as busy as well checking out the Graduation Book of his big brother LOL.

The party started off by annoucing the various Class of 2011 and the kids did their graduation walk into the ballroom on the red carpet! phee-witt!!

Soon after it was time for them to receive their scroll from their Headmistress. I hope that I'll get this chance of seeing my boy walking up on stage to receive his higher learning scroll in years to come!

The party continued with the teachers performing for us all. Usually its the kids who perform but this time it's the teachers treat to the kids for they dance a Charleston number. Nice!

The kiddos were then treated to a magic show and I just love the picture below where you can see Caden thoroughly enjoying himself! :D

There, my boy has graduated and is moving on to a new chapter in his schooling years. We are now 1.5 weeks short before Primary 1 year starts....
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