Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

We were happily on our way up North (which turn out to be an awful ride) and decided to stop at Ipoh to have our breakie. I ate at Foh San in KL before and very much wanted to try the original Foh San which is from Ipoh.

With the help of GPS we managed to locate Foh San and just look at the building and the CROWD!!

It's a 2-storey building and you have to grab your own table as there's no numbers given out. Thus you have to have a good eye and sense to see if the table you choosen to wait beside will be fast to finish up their food so that you can then sit at that table! Found this extremely hard as I have 2 kids with me and the crowd is just too much for my liking!

2 hours drive and I'm not one to give up easily. So braved the crowd and joined em in table picking LOL!

The crowd at Ground Level, all tables FULL.

The crowd on upper level, also FULL but too lazy to go down thus decided to stay on this floor and wait for my table.

Foh San practice self service. Once seated, they will give you a card and take your tea order. After this you are free to roam to the counters set-up at the perimeter of the restaurant to get your food besides some of the push-trolley that goes around tables offering different kinds of dim sum.

Gotta que for food and at times when it's your turn, the item you want ran out!

Many different varieties of fried snacks

Some of the steam dim sum that we had that morning...

One dim sum item that I will not miss will be egg tart. I just love flaky pastry egg tarts! ❤❤❤

Overall, I just find Foh San Dim Sum normal. The next time I'm in Ipoh town, I'm gonna try the shop opposite Foh San called Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Restoran Foh San Ipoh
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,

Tel: (605) 254-0308
Fax: (605) 253-5432


Yee Ling said...

I also find it normal. Claire, my blogger friend from Ipoh recommended to try out Ming Court. I think FS is over rated...LOL!!

Psylancer said...

Hello there :)

It's been years since I've been to Foh San and the crowd is still massive. The only memorable dim sum I tasted was the har gao, other than that it is agreed, so so only :)

Thanks for sharing btw

prince n princess mum said...

Very long time no go eat there d.. !~

FiSh said...

this place is really famous. i love the egg tart the most but i hate the long queues there.


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