Friday, December 23, 2011

Roast Stuffed Chicken

We had Winter Solstice cum Christmas Dinner at my aunt's house in Mont Kiara. It was a pot luck gathering thus each family had to bring a dish.

As its a weekday and I'm working, I decided to make roast stuffed chicken. The original recipe is adopted from Zang Toi the fashion designer when he shared one of his recipe that I read from one magazine many many many years ago. I was not able to trace where I placed that said recipe thus I prepared the stuffing from my memory plus my own tweakings :))

Prepared the stuffing and side dish the night before and got my mum to help roast it before I reached home so that we can straight head to over to my aunt's.

First we need to marinate the chicken.

I gave it a good massage all over! :p The longer you marinate it the tastier it is. Thus I like to marinate my meat overnight for it to get fully absorbed with all the what nots that I throw in.

Next up, I prepared the ingredients for the stuffing. If you're preparing it on the same day you intent to roast your chicken, make sure the stuffing cooled down before you start stuffing 'em into the chicken's cavity.

Visualing that my chicken will be rather "plain" looking with all the stuffing inside it, I prepared brocolli and potatoes as side dishes. Didnt want my veges to be bland thus when I boiled them I added a pinch of salt in the water.

After draining the veges, I tossed them with some butter and threw in dashes of parshley, oregano and rosemary for flavor.

So now, how did my roast chicken turned out?

Taa-daa! My roast stuffed chicken all ready to be eaten! :p

Game to give this a try? It's an easy peasy no fuss recipe and dish that you can prepare and impress your guest with.

Recipe :
1 whole medium/large chicken
light and black/thick soya sauce
spices - rosemary and thyme
salt, pepper and sugar
honey (optional)
- thoroughly clean the chicken inside out and marinate it preferably for at least 3 hours

Stuffing :
Carrots - cubed
Button Mushrooms - cubed
Fresh Mushrooms - cubed
Wolfberries (kei chi)
Red Dates
Garlic - finely chopped
- first fragant the garlic, add in all the above and stir fry, salt to taste

Side Dish :
Brocolli - bite size
Potatoes - skinned and cut into half
- boil the vege with a pinch of salt added into the water, drain and toss with butter and add in dashes of parshley, oregano and rosemary

Line your pan and roast your chicken covered for 1 - 1.5 hours (depending on your oven's heat and chicken size). 15 mins before you remove the chicken from the oven, roast it uncovered to get a nice coloured dry skin.

Decorate your yummy dish with the side dish you prepared earlier. Now, you are ready to serve your easy homemade Roast Stuffed Chicken!

me and my roast chicken :p

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Graduation Party : Charleston Swing

Class of 2011 : that's the year my boy graduated from kindy :)

His kindy held a Graduation Party for all K2 kids and the theme was Charleston Swing. The party was held in PJ Hilton and it's even grander than any of my current Company's event!!

The ballroom set-up

The backdrop

Before the graduation ceremony take place, there were several counters set-up outside the ballroom where the kiddos get to decorate their own graduation frame, get themself balloons, tattoo, knick knacks accessories to dress up etc.. There's even a counter selling graduation bouquet! and this is only a Kindy's graduation mind you.

The teachers really dressed up for the event and so are the other parents and kids.

While the big brother is busy outside checking out those counters and playing with his friends, spotted lil brother as busy as well checking out the Graduation Book of his big brother LOL.

The party started off by annoucing the various Class of 2011 and the kids did their graduation walk into the ballroom on the red carpet! phee-witt!!

Soon after it was time for them to receive their scroll from their Headmistress. I hope that I'll get this chance of seeing my boy walking up on stage to receive his higher learning scroll in years to come!

The party continued with the teachers performing for us all. Usually its the kids who perform but this time it's the teachers treat to the kids for they dance a Charleston number. Nice!

The kiddos were then treated to a magic show and I just love the picture below where you can see Caden thoroughly enjoying himself! :D

There, my boy has graduated and is moving on to a new chapter in his schooling years. We are now 1.5 weeks short before Primary 1 year starts....

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Foh San Dim Sum @ Ipoh

We were happily on our way up North (which turn out to be an awful ride) and decided to stop at Ipoh to have our breakie. I ate at Foh San in KL before and very much wanted to try the original Foh San which is from Ipoh.

With the help of GPS we managed to locate Foh San and just look at the building and the CROWD!!

It's a 2-storey building and you have to grab your own table as there's no numbers given out. Thus you have to have a good eye and sense to see if the table you choosen to wait beside will be fast to finish up their food so that you can then sit at that table! Found this extremely hard as I have 2 kids with me and the crowd is just too much for my liking!

2 hours drive and I'm not one to give up easily. So braved the crowd and joined em in table picking LOL!

The crowd at Ground Level, all tables FULL.

The crowd on upper level, also FULL but too lazy to go down thus decided to stay on this floor and wait for my table.

Foh San practice self service. Once seated, they will give you a card and take your tea order. After this you are free to roam to the counters set-up at the perimeter of the restaurant to get your food besides some of the push-trolley that goes around tables offering different kinds of dim sum.

Gotta que for food and at times when it's your turn, the item you want ran out!

Many different varieties of fried snacks

Some of the steam dim sum that we had that morning...

One dim sum item that I will not miss will be egg tart. I just love flaky pastry egg tarts! ❤❤❤

Overall, I just find Foh San Dim Sum normal. The next time I'm in Ipoh town, I'm gonna try the shop opposite Foh San called Ming Court Hong Kong Dim Sum.

Restoran Foh San Ipoh
51 Jalan Leong Sin Nam,
30300 Ipoh,

Tel: (605) 254-0308
Fax: (605) 253-5432

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Disney Junior Online Resource

I'm a super BIG fan of anything Disney! if you do not know already *wink wink* for each time I write something about Disney, I'm sure you catch how much of a fan I am of Disney! ❤ ❤

So as I hinted in my previous post, my family was part of the lucky 15 families selected to attend Jake and the Never Land Pirates Birthday Party at Marmalade Cafe @ Publika! woo-hoo!!..

Upon entering I was totally impressed with the props! All handmade, DIY. From props to food, everything can be found online.

We started off the party with a treasure hunt. We were required to hunt for 5 gold doubloons! After Captain Sophia flagged us off, we were on our way to get our gold doubloons :))

Holding on tight to our questions that will lead us to the bling bling gold doubloons...

There were prizes given to the fastest 3 families that got hold of their doubloons and we were not one of em :(

Proceeding right after our hunt, the kiddos were treated to an episode of Jake and The Never Land Pirates.

Ooh ooh this coming Christmas Day, be sure to catch a special new holiday episode airing at 1.00 pm!

After the show, both kids and adults alike were hungry and we are all more than ready to savour the food that has been prepared in advance. Now the food are all so lovely that I thought twice before putting into my mouth to munch it! LOL!!

Top : Me Hearty Chicken Drummets and Never Land Palm Tree Veggies
Bottom : Mini Ship Hotdogs, Smee's Devilled Egg and Never Land Palm Tree Sandwiches

Top : A Treasure Chest of Golden Nuggets
Bottom : Marina's Spaghetti Marinara and Jake's Tropical Turkey Ham Pizza

Now what's a birthday party without a birthday cake right? This is not the usual cream butter decorated cake. We had a Captain Hook cake!!

Lovely isn't it? You dont have to memorise how to make that hook or the palm tree sandwiches. All you need to do is just to log right into, click on the "For Grown-Ups" tab and everything you need to plan a party is right in front of your very nose :p

So now you can start to plan your kids party. Not a simple party but a Theme Party for Disney Junior's Online Celebration Resources will assist you to plan and impress your guests! I bet it will be the talk until the next party you plan :p

One for the album

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Marmalade Cafe @ Publika

We went to Marmalade Cafe @ Publika early this month to attend a Pirate's Party. YES! We went to Jake and the Neverland Pirate's Party! :D

Marmarlade Cafe was transformed into a Pirate's cove for everywhere I turn I see treasure chest and gold coins!!

Just one thing, those GOLD COINS are made of paper >.< tsk tsk...

This is Jake, our host. Together with Captain Sophia and her crews, they created all those treasure boxes, gold coins, hats, wands and what nots which I will reveal to you HOW in another post so that you too can be a PRO in setting up your own Pirate's Party!

Leaving you now with my own two Pirates on that day.

More lovely pics coming up. Looking back and knowing how easy it is to create such party in future makes my hands itch to start planning for another party. Anyone wanna hire me as an event organiser??

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Kam Lun Tai @ Sri Petaling

A few bloggers me included were invited for a food review at Kam Lun Tai Restaurant in Sri Petaling a couple of weeks back. Not very well verse with the roads there, I got my hubs an invite too and he went with me. He's my walking map! :p

Kam Lun Tai Restaurant is a very common household name for the older generation. Apart from the food review, AXA Insurance had an investment talk at the same time. Thus we were treated to both food and talk that night.

Emcee and Speakers

This post will be focuses more on the food as it was a food review afterall :D Once everyone has arrived and seated, the nom nom begun...

The dishes were all served at once rather than course by course. No issue here since we are all pretty hungry. So the more dishes we have on our table, the better! :D

We had prawn salad, pickled vege and tofu soup, roasted char siu, braised pork knuckle, japanese tofu, thai style fish fillet and crispy chicken.

I guess the highlight on the entire menu was the braised pork knuckle as everyone attacks it non-stop!! I can just have that dish with my rice and nothing else for the gravy is nice with tender flesh... yumz.... :)

We ended our meal with a cold dessert - sea coconut with longan. Add on to it, AXA's speaker brought down all the way from Penang a special treat for us all. Deep fried crispy durian pancake.

It was so soo crispy on the outside and oozing with durian on the inside! I miss this very very much!! We were also given a door gift of cake balls. I cant comment on the cake balls for when I wanted to taste it the next day, it has already landed itself inside my two boys tummy LOL.

Last but not least, a group photo of us that attended this Food Review at Kam Lun Tai Chinese Restaurant. If you're in Sri Petaling area, you can consider going to this Chinese Restaurant and get your fix on some authentic chinese dishes!

Kam Lun Tai Chinese Restaurant,
38D-G, 38D-1, 38C-1,
Jalan Radin Anum,
Bandar Baru Sri Petaling,
57000 Kuala Lumpur
(T) 603 - 9059 5122
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