Sunday, November 20, 2011

True Harmony

I was invited by MyCoupon for another review, this time trying out True Harmony's 5th Anniversary offer of 60 mins Curvy Waistline Treatment (Wave 6) that comes with an Aroma Steam Bath at their Sunway Giza outlet.

Upon stepping inside True Harmony, I immediately felt at ease for it eludes a calm and fresh ambience. After having a tour of the centre, I couldn't wait to start my treatment!

the welcoming reception area ~ petite garden alfresco feel

I was showned the consultation room and I was in awed at the wallpaper and the chandelier! Am I in the right place and not at some rich and famous celebrity home?

Next is the foot spa corner. Again, I'm attracted to the wallpaper! :)

We were then shown the different treatment rooms available.

hallway leading to the treatment rooms

If you think the consultation room's wallpaper was something, just take a look at these wallpapers in their treatment rooms!

Amazing isn't it? Who wouldn't feel happy and roaring to start their treatment in such a cool set-up! I know I AM!! It gives me a very VIP feel hahaha.....

After oohh-ing and aahhh-ing, I am so eager to start my Wave 6 treatment. Before that I was given a choice to try it on my tummy or thigh and of course I choose tummy. Thinking of those fat going off my tummy however slight it may be sounds good to me! :p

BUT before Wave 6 treatment started, I was ushered to the foot spa corner where I got the chance to relax myself by dipping my feet into the warm water which was added with sea salt. Warm water + sea salt is said to improve one's condition. So here's tip for you, it's good to soak our feet in warm water + sea salt as it really relaxes all my nerves.

Once I'm done all relax with the foot dip, let's start Wave 6!

I was asked to changed into their kimono. Bra and disposable panty was provided. After explaining that the treatment will last for 20mins and the mechanics of it, the therapist started her work on my tummy >.<

the kimono, bra and disposable panty all readily placed on the treatment bed

The therapist was detailed as she will keep checking if I'm comfortable with the treatment. So what is Wave 6 all about? It's actually a cellulite and body contouring system that rids you of cellulite where powerful suction type massage is applied using the advance technology of the machine. It releases lymphatic blockage and helps to stimulates blood circulation.

What it felt like when the machine was use? I felt it suck and bite, suck and bite, suck and bite. Wokay don't think of something else eh :p Basically it's breaking down those fat. So go on and suck away all those fat away. I support! hehehe...

20mins up, my tummy area was wrapped tightly with cling wrap and into the steam bath I went.

Just look at those s.m.o.k.e! I got the steam room all to myself and a towel was provided for you to use. You can use the towel to cover your face if you find breathing difficulty. Seriously, if it's too hot to handle, just get out of that room before you go dizzy and faint inside OK.

After another 20mins in the steam bath, I went back to my treatment room to shower. Best part is each of their treatment room comes equip with it's own shower stall. Fresh clean towel plus shampoo and body soap is provided.

I came out squeaky clean and totally refreshed! What a nice treatment to have to end my day :D

with Christy and Clarissa

Thank you to MyCoupon for this wonderful chance and also thank you to True Harmony where it's really all about me for I felt pampered throughout the whole treatment!

You too can get this chance as MyCoupon is currently running this deal at their site. So say sayonara to stubborn fat cells as a series of cell buster technology breaks them down and reduces fat cell formation.

True Harmony has a few branches and they are located at :

Menara Standard Chartered, KL
(T) 603 - 2145 6866
Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara
(T) 603 - 6148 1069
Bandar Botanic, Klang
(T) 603 - 3325 4889
Shah Alam
(T) 603 - 5513 7833
(T) 603 - 8890 4833


Henry Tan said...

nice! get to go for free is even nicer! =p

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