Saturday, November 05, 2011

Siew Kee Dim Sum

Located at the newly built TSB Commercial Centre in Sg. Buloh, me and hubs went and tried their Dim Sum one weekend when we were on the way to fetch our kiddos. Siew Kee Restaurant, a corner shop is located right behind Old Town White Coffee Cafe which you can easily spot from the main road.

Decos made of dim sum basket

Purple and white is the theme colour of this dainty restaurant.

We seated ourselves comfortably and ordered our food. There's only 4 varieties (Iron Budhha, Pu-erh, Jasmine and I forgot the other type!) of tea to choose from, else you can always bring your own tea here.

As it was only two of us, we were not able to order more to try. These are the ones that we had that morning as brunch.

Speciality bun (chan pau) and yam puff

Love their yam puff. Crispy on the outside, soft and tasteful on the inside

steamed spare ribs

juicy siew mai

The siew mai here is nice as you get lean meat unlike some restaurants that tend to put too much fat inside.

steamed chicken feet and shrimp dumplings

My favourite dish when I have dim sum - steamed braised chicken feet. It's so soft that the meat comes off easily from the bone.

succulents prawns

Give them a try if you happen to be around TSB Commercial Centre in Sg. Buloh. Bet you wont regret it!

Siew Kee Dim Sum
No. 33-G Jalan Nautika B
U20/B TSB Commercial Centre
Sg. Buloh
Tel : 603 -61507098


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