Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ravissante Radiance Facial

I was here in Ravissante (pronounced as rah-viss-sant) the other day to try out their Radiance Facial thanks to MyCoupon for the invitation. Ravissante a French word means Ravishingly Beautiful.

Ravissante gave me a warm cozy feel as I entered it's premises. The area was lighted up in warm hues, not too dark not too bright, just right.

nicely decorated cozy ambience of reception and hallway

After completing a short form on personal details, I was escorted to the treatment room. There's double or single treatment room. If you go with your girlfriend and want to have the treatment together, you can always ask for the double treatment room.

treatment room

After changing into the appropriate gown provided, my Radiance Facial started. As with facial, you would always have your eyes shut and this is where your senses kick in!

The Radiance Facial started with double cleanser, first with milk followed by foam. The smell was good, nothing too strong or yucky. It is a refreshing and calming aroma.

Ella Bache products from France

What's next is the scrub. This one I like for the scrub is not harsh at all and best of all it smells rose. Beautiful soft tones of rose. I got to know that this delicate exfoliating gel is actually made up of Rose Cocktail - a hundred rose petals from white and black roses.

Extraction comes next and this is not machine extraction but manual. The therapist was detailed and caring as she asks if it's too painful during the extraction. She didnt rush thru the extraction period as well. So you can be rest assured that whatever needs to be extracted out gets extracted out! :D

I'm sure you know the next step for those who have been to facial. Yes, mask comes next and the first mask applied was soft. You wont feel your face harden that a slightest twist of your lips will crack it up :p

While the mask was on, the theraphist started shoulder massage and it felt so good. Kneading aways all those tight knots away...which leads to point pressure massage on my face. It eases away all those build up pressure on the face :))

After awhile, second mask was applied which is the mixture of white clay and chamomile water and you're left to rest and nap a short while. Once the time is up, the therapist came back into the treatment room to clean up the mask and apply moisturiser. The moisturiser smells great! Very refresing smell and guess what's the ingredient made of? -- it is actually extracts of Fresh Tomatoes (yes you read it right, Tomatoes!!) and Ruscus that brightens and gives your skin a glowing look! :D

And that concludes my 90mins Ravissante Radiance Facial. The result? I came out with a soft and glowing complexion feeling totally refresh! :D

Interested? You can try it out for yourself too as MyCoupon is currently having this deal at their site. Hurry and get it and give your face a well deserve break too!

A-1-9 Pelangi Square Business Center,
PJU 6 Pesiaran Surian,
Pelangi Damansara,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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