Friday, November 18, 2011

Qeeb vrooming his way to Year ONE!

My cousin Liza invited us to her house in Shah Alam to celebrate her son Qeeb's 1 year old birthday party. The theme was CAR coz the tagline was "Naqeeb has vroomed his way to year one!". The design is so so beautiful! :D

The grandstand with the angry bird apam. Look closer and you will make out the eyes of the birds. I only realised this when I was back at home and saw my cousin posted this up with da description! How blur could I be?

The candy bouquet, free for all to grab as much as you want to be high on sugar and become superactive!

Not your normal mineral water, for this comes with personalised label. Nice right? Ooh not to mention the nice party bag which I've kept for my own use. Sshhh....

The food that we had that day. Simple, nice and fulfilling for it lasted us till dinner. Remember about my 7th Anniversary post? Yeah, we have been eating non-stop that whole day!

After we have all filled up our tum-tum, it was time for the birthday boy to blow his cake.

the homemade birthday cake set with rims

make a wish and blow your candles

I spotted this huge prop set-up in the garden and we had a gala time "cam-whoring" with it, adults and kids alike! tee-hee-hee....

We had cool props to play with. It just makes things more interesting doesnt it?

the maternal side family photo

We have expanded haven't we all, in terms of extended families, kiddos and well size?? :p We have Chinese, Malay, Gwailo and uh-oh missing Indian to be 1Malaysia! hehehe....

happy family
(the scene behind is a rabbit barn if you're wondering...)

Birthday boy Qeeb was all serious throughout his birthday party. He meant business and we can't force him to smile just a tiny sec for us to capture.

Qeeb the birthday boy who took his birthday party as a serious affair. Don't play play!! :p

You're now officially a toddler :D


prince n princess mum said...

Nice celebrations!~ Such a cool party!

Soulie said...

lol! so cute lah caden wore that racer hat. I didn't get the chance to snap photo Qeeb wearing it.

That apam angry bird,if i looked closely or from far i could not make out what it is! In photos only it make more sense hahaha!

That is one serious pic of Qeeb ahahaha. Why so serious lahh this boy on his birthday.

Thanks for the nice birthday entry

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