Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Piano Recital

8 months ago when he first started his music class, he was stumbling and fumbling with the notes and keyboard.

Fast forward to 8 months later on 5 November 2011, never would we have thought that he will have his 1st taste of piano recital this day. Walking up alone on stage, took his bow and played his concert piece. Although it was just a short song, I applaud him for there's no pausing in between nor wrong notes played and most of all for his bravery!

1st Piano Recital @ Bentley Auditorium ~ I'm a Little Tea Pot

Our boy with his "Most Inspiring Award", a brand new milestone of achievement!

You can't blame me for being a PROUD MAMA can you? :D :D

Special thanks to my good friend Sandy for borrowing us Hector's bow tie :))


Merryn said...

congrats Cavan! Well done!

bendan said...

You must be very very proud of him. Owh~ sweet. Touching when listening right?

Yee Ling said...

Well done, Cavan!!

Jun said...

At his age, he had commitment more than most adults.

Kah Lai said...

Applause to Cavan!!

life-muses said...

we are proud of his achievement although it may be a small one to some and yeap definitely melt our heart away... :D

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