Wednesday, November 09, 2011

My Nuffnang Story

It all started with my interest pique when I saw my cousin sister creating digital scraps for her kids. Loving all things cute and nice, I learn the technique and it was then I got to know how to blog for that is where my cousin sister posts her digital scraps. Surveyed a few free blog sites and choose blogspot and created my first blog ~ Hugzableme dedicated for my then only boy.

From creating and posting digital scraps, I ventured further into the blogging sphere where I created another my own personal blog ~ life-muses to note down my memoirs and thus this is where my journey begins...

What started off as pure personal memoirs soon turns to where I decided to insert advertisements. It was only a handful of people I know that visited my blog and it was while chatting with each other that I learned about Nuffnang. Who don't want any side income? Took the chance and inserted those html stuff into my blog.

Traffic was not high and I was not generating any income at all but I had fun participating in the contests that Nuffnang has. My first contest that I took part organised by Nuffnang was the “Frisco Brings My Family Out” and it scored my family entrance to enjoy ourselves with Frisco and there’s no turning back ever since then! It was a feeling of JOY to have won something just from blogging eventhough there's no income :p

From there on, I actively participated in Nuffnang's contest and got numerous movie previews! :D I know there's some readers whom I dont know personally that drops by my blog without leaving any comments. It did not deter me to continue blogging and I preservered on as my aim is to blog down stuff that happens in my life that serves as a memory place.

Over the years, I got to know a few cool Nuffnangers and learn many things from them particularly Nuffnanger Merryn :D She asks me along for some events and from there I've expanded into can I say lifestyle blogging? I love attending events and getting to know more cool bloggers. As for my blog, it's slowly but surely generating some $$$$ at a slower than turtle rate! LOL But hey, at least each time I log into Nuffnang's site I see some figures instead of just "ZERO"!! So if you're reading this, be so kind and help this mummy to TWO BOYS now generate some $$$ to give her kiddos some small treats will ya? :p

Besides all that, I'm proud to be affliated with Nuffnang as they have grew tremendously by having office not only in Malaysia but also in Singapore, Philippines, Australia, China and Hong Kong. Woo-hoo!! I now wish that I'm on their payees name each month *wink* *wink* hehehe....

What amazes me further is that Nuffnang has their own Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards (NAPBAS)! It's not a simple usual gathering of bloggers. This event is a Nuffnang created Hollywood red-carpet style award! You should go into their site and see those photos. It'll blew you off your chair I tell you.

Now NAPBAS is BACK for the 2nd year and it's taking place in our homeland Kuala Lumpur. Would I wish to attend such grand event? You bet I want to!! If I dont get myself a ticket to attend then I shall just sit back and wait for lucky bloggers that attended and Nuffnang to published the photos and try my luck again next year when NAPBAS takes place again.

“Come 16 December 2011, 500 bloggers from around the Asia-Pacific region will flock to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 in Putrajaya Marriott. The Awards aims to not only honour the region's best bloggers, but also to bring together blogger communities from across Asia-Pacific. The Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards is brought to you by Volkswagen Malaysia and Putrajaya Marriott”

I will still continue to blog and be affiliated with Nuffnang and hope to get to know other fellow bloggers more. Now will you give this simple full time working mama a chance to walk down the red carpet with other fellow blogger celebrities? :))


Kah Lai said...

Way to go! Keep up the good work :)

dEarDaNieL said...

You got my full support cuz I'm sure you are the hardworking blogger mama that goes to work, take great care of your hubby and kids, full of activities and yet still writes great blog. Ganbanteh n gud luck!

Merryn said...

Good luck to you! Hope you'll score yourself a ticket :)

FiSh said...

wish you good luck ^^

life-muses said...

Thank you for the lucks! *cross finger*

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