Friday, November 11, 2011

Enuca Personal Make-up Session

Thanks to Enuca and Merryn for the chance to attend Enuca's 4 hours Hands-on Personal Makeup Workshop. I got lost locating this White House. Sorry I took the photo before I left and as you can see I left quite late that day, thus you see shades of shadows!

It was a beautiful White House. Upon entering the doors, the whole place is WHITE I loikey!

Felt like I'm in a grand palace, spacious and WHITE!

Our set-up for that day. 4 pax to a table full of make-up stuff for you to use freely :D

Our emcee for the day, Ms Amy. She's so bubbly it's contagious!

Our make-up "guru", Ms Julie

Lipsticks, Lip gloss, eye liners and mascaras

Loose Powder, Foundation, Blush, Eye Shawdows, all nicely packed for your pick!

This I love besides the Eye Serum which I'm too lazy to snap a pic now and post here. This is the loose powder with an advance technology. You get fresh powder each time you need it just by "grinding" it. Yea, you heard me right "grind" the powder by turning the dial for just the right amount that you require. Simple, clean and nice! :D

As for the photo-less Eye Serum that I mentioned, imagine a pen where you can turn a small dial at one of the end to squirt the right amount for your eyes. Roll it around both your eyes as there's a rollerball on the other end and you're done! No dirty fingers touching your eye area, cool huh...

We were first introduced to Enuca's best seller which is the Lift Me Up Serum. Immediate results you can see for we had a chance to test it out ourselves on our own face! Super lurve it!

Started the hands-on personal make-up then with a day look followed by the glamarous night look. Me not using make-up I meant full make-up daily, found it such a painstaking task to look good! No wonder those gals that always put on full make-up has their partner complaining that they take forever to get ready. Now I understand for I think if I were to put on full make-up, I need at least an HOUR!

BUT the results is worth every ticking tocking seconds! It's not an easy job make-up-ing. You have to have patience while you apply the colors and layers to get that perfect look.

After our workshop session ended, we went to the retail part of the White House and browse thru their products. This is their serum and the little black bottle in front is the Lift Me Up Serum which I mentioned earlier. It's more for anti-aging so if you have other problems to concentrate on, there's other serum to help you.

We were each presented with a Certificate of Achievement. Now who dares to let me make you up? I'm certified now :D

I gained invaluable tips and techniques to look beautiful that day, thank you once again for the opportunity.

The Enuca White House

26, Jalan 6/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa,
Batu 3½, Cheras

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Yee Ling said...

For an hour to apply make up....i ll be pulling hair that's y i am so lazy make up-ing

Merryn said...

u look great with some make-up on! :)

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