Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dumex A Solid Foundation Contest

We started out with Mamil Gold when Cavan was at a stage where he rejected his then current milk. After trying out a few brands, he accepted Mamil Gold and we continued this with him as we can see improvements in his bowel movements. Fast forward to when we had Caden, we started him on Mamex Gold and till now he's on Mamil Gold Step 3.

When Dumex started the "A Solid Foundation Contest", I took some forms back and told myself to try and enter the contest. No harm in trying. However, those forms took a back seat as I kept forgetting to complete the forms and sent it out and my foils kept piling up.

Early October 2011 while cleaning my stuff out, I saw the forms, completed it and posted out not one but a few. Little did I know that on the last day of October I'll be receiving a call from Dumex informing me that I WON!!l

Although it's not the Grand Prize but it's a winning! Yippee! :D

Dumex you made my day! Thank you very much and I wish I know which of the slogan submitted that got the attention.

Now after submitting the details required, I shall wait patiently a month for the $$$$ to go thru Caden's account.

Thank you again Dumex and Mamil Gold for helping to give my child a solid foundation! You gave us a sweet ending this October :))


Merryn said...

congrats congrats! :)

prince n princess mum said...


Yee Ling said...

Congrats on the winning!!

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