Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Cobbler

Cobbler : a person who makes or mend shoes ~ in other words a Shoemaker.

It was by chance that I got to know about this Cobbler who produces funky nice shoes. Not only you can choose from the different range it offers, you can even design your own! Now has this perked you up yet? DESIGNING your very own shoes! But later on this for I want to show you my brand new pumps.

zebra print pumps

The pumps that I have is a gift from Alicia. I rarely wear pumps or simply said, covered shoes for my feet are rather sensitive and easily get "bitten" by the shoes I wore no matter how "old folks" advice says - beat it, BITE it and swipe wax over the area. I did all of that and still the shoe BITE me! :(

I used to envy those that is able to wear pumps for the design is lovely but I've long resorted to only try on sandals for I can't bear the pain of getting bitten. Imagine having plaster on your heels but you still feel the pain and bleeding. Can't walk at all! :( Thus as long as my heels are not wrapped up, I'm fine and it's sandals all the way then.

Then this pretty shoe landed on my hands and boy ooh boy, it's solid, lovely and best of all, it DOES NOT BITE ME! :))

The Cobbler shoe ~ smooth seams all the way

My new shoes is from The Cobbler. The Cobbler is based in Singapore and delivers free to Malaysia! Not only that, it comes in an attractive gift box.

So now I too can slip on my pumps and walk the town tall and proud! :p Ok me now gonna log into The Cobbler and go DESIGN my own shoes!


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