Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cavan 6 years old Birthday

Cavan celebrated his 6 years old birthday on the last week of his kindy 4 days earlier than his actual birthday. His actual birthday falls on the last day of school and usually they would have party and we didnt want to interrupt their good times.

About a month earlier, I approached Alicia to assist to mould some angry birds up using non-toxic clay vs getting a baker to do it with fondant. Fondant bring pricey and not able to preseve longer than 2 weeks? better find a cheaper alternative and you get to keep those birds as a showcase. She agreed and you can read about it here.

Closer to the date, my niece helped me to pack up the party packs to be given to his classmates.

ready to be distributed metallic red and blue party packs

Messing around with photoshop, I came up with a birthday topper for him.

topper with the birds

Cavan choose a light Japanese Cheese Cake as his birthday cake which we bought from Dreamz Bakery. Rather plain looking eh but WAIT, for you can see it transformed later :D

Taa-daa, we placed all those birds on the cake plus the birthday topper and it's all ready now!

It's the last birthday he's celebrated in his kindy for all of them have graduated and moving on to the next phase of their school life next year.


Ooh before ending this post, at the back of the party pack tag reads this poem :

Now WE know our ABC's
Colors, shapes and days.
WE sang some songs,
Learned some poems, rhymes & finger plays.
WE played outside on sunny days,
And inside when it rained.

But now it's time to say "GOOD BYE"
To all my kindergarten friends.
Pre-school is over, Primary years is here.
OUR learning never ends!

It was great knowing you
For the time we spent together
Playing and learning the FUN way
Do keep in touch as I'll always
treasure the friendship we had!
♥ ♥ ♥

~ adapted and tweak from www.alaboon.com goodbye poems ~


FiSh said...

it's nice to have a birthdae celebration at the kindergarten :) too bad i havent had such awesome celebration before

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