Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bazaar at The Red Carpet

Remember I blogged about Encorp Strand ~ Le Tapis Rouge in other words, The Red Carpet in September 2011?

Bazaar at the Red Carpet

I got to know last week that they had their first Bazaar there and I drag my family along! Too curious to find out what's in store there, I just lurve bazaars :D On the same day they had their official launch of Encorp Strand Residence and Garden Office as well.

spotted a cute and very pinky cookies wagon

Our first pit stop was at the kid's zone where a story telling session was about to start. Cavan and Caden plopped themselves comfortably on the bean bags provided for the kids there.

Caden assisting on story telling, what's the next item?

Besides the story telling corner, there's face painting as well. Two artist were available to draw their art on the kiddos face or arm. Guess what Cavan asked for to be drawn on his arm?

Can you tell what it is?

The artist is very patience and detailed in her drawing. There no rush at all and the kids there waits patiently for their turn as well as for the drawing to finish.

Cavan requested for an angry bird and he got it. A nice big plump red angry bird! Isn't the drawing beautiful? It has glitter on it too!

spotted two mime artist entertaining one of the visitor

While Cavan got his arm painted, the drumming session started and what right timing for it to start just when it started to rain heavily and I mean very very heavy and those drum beats are nice against the beating rain drops.

djembe drummer

We even saw world acclaimed violinist Joanne Yeoh performing. I love her violin, can you see hues of blue on it? So cool!

Joanne Yeoh

We also enjoyed the string quartet performing. Due to the rain, it was not a long performance as the rain beats are so loud, you hear both the strings and beating of the rain! >.<

Since its still raining so heavily, we decided then to seek shelter and chill until the rain subside to enable us to walk back to our car. We went and tried The Tranquerah which you can read about it here.

the heavy rain that you can practically see those big heavy drops of rain!

If you happen to be around Kota Damansara this Sunday, head on over to The Red Carpet and check out the Bazaar. It start from 10am to 9pm!


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