Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Celebration Continues....

On Cavan's actual birthday, we went for a family dinner. No cake this time round as I planned for him to have another mini celebration at his art & craft class with his friends the next day.

As it was a Friday evening, we decided to have our dinner nearby and opted for Jeff Lee Kitchen in Sg. Buloh New Village.

Two dishes that I'm going to highlight is the cold paku salad and stir fried streaky pork in thick superior soy sauce. The paku dish is served COLD and it's tentalises the taste buds as it's a bit sourish. A must have the next time I'm here.

cold paku salad

It's my second time in Jeff Lee Kitchen and we ordered this dish again. The first time we had this, we ordered a second helping. Everyone is fighting to get the last piece! It IS this YUMMY!!

stir fried streaky pork in thick superior soy sauce

Other dishes that we had that night includes braised spinach, braised fish head in "tauchu" (black bean), minced meat tofu, two flavours chicken (1 part crispy, the other thai style) and a claypot of pork intestine porridge. All dishes wiped cleaned for it all tastes equally GOOD!

One for memory
(6 years old Cavan and 2+ years old Caden)

No longer a baby but moving on into his next phase of education next year into Primary 1.

Jeff Lee Kitchen
Lot 4133 Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, 47000 Selangor
(T) 603 - 6156 1817

Earlier the same week, I also tried my hand baking my cousin Nana's Chocolate Cake that never fails!

the ingredients - egg, flour, cocoa powder, butter, choc compose, sugar

mixing butter and sugar till fluffy

melting choc compose to make choc ganache

Here you go, the cake turns out well BUT it's too sweet and the reason ~ my cousin gave me a typo on the number of sugar! hahahaha....

And the secret to this cake that never fails is by using a MUG for measurement. The MUG that I uses is ...

THIS. I used A&W mug for all the measurent! :p

Not giving up as the above cake is a trial bake. I double checked all the measurement with my cousin again and start baking this cake after our family dinner so that Cavan can have this as his birthday cake for the celebration the next day in his art & craft class.

the cake turns out beautifully, all plain and dark! LOL

The cake after spreading with chocolate ganache and sprinkles. Doesn't look too bad now does it?

Alas the morning itself, I received an SMS from his teacher saying the class is cancel as she is down with high fever. Not to dissappoint my boy and myself (hehehe..) we proceeded to finish the cake decoration and had the celebration at home!!

So now we decorated it again with angry birds and the birthday topper. Remember seeing these two items here? Recycle - Reuse, no wastage, everyone gains! :D

birthday boy blowing out all the candles at one go

happily posing cutting his home baked birthday cake

and cut some more to distribute to those at home

Thank you once again to Alicia for making the beautiful angry birds and Nana for the cake that never fails recipe! Merci Beaucoup :))


Yee Ling said...

Happy Birthday Cavan!

I bet the cake must be good.

Merryn said...

Happy Birthday Cavan. SO sorry about the cancelled celebration in the Studio :(

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