Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Aladdin the Musical Gala Premier @ Sunway Lagoon

As promised here's more shots on the night of the Gala Premier on 25 November 2011 @ Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre. I still get excited each time I look back at the photos and videos taken that night! :D

Let's start by me entering the Amphitheatre. Guess who I met at the entrance?

JD the Genie and Dilly the Princess from MixFM!! Just gotta lurve his turban! :p

After waiting for an hour+ (need to improve on timing fellow Malaysians!), the show's curtain finally raised and let the musical begin!......

Show of the Ring

the market in the Kingdom of Askabar

spotted : live stocks in a musical!

Can you spot Aladdin admist the dancers?

The Sultan

The Sultan and Jafa who is the Sultan's advisor

Princess Jasmine is the one in front. Love this scene, it's so colourful so vibrant!

Princess Jasmine and Aladdin

Aladdin inching closer to the Cave's mouth carrying out Jafa's instruction

The Cave opens its mouth and in goes Aladdin!

The cave is totally awesome eh for it can move up and down with a glowing red eyes to boot!

Aladdin found a treasure trove and the magic lamp! :))

Let's clean this lamp by rubbing it....

WOAH!! who are you??
I'm the cool Genie whom you released and now you're my Master! :D

I just lurve this Genie for each time he appears, the air crackles and he will groove to some upbeat tunes! The crowds favourite!! MY FAVOURITE :))

Before I know it, it was time for a 15 minutes break and I spent this 15 minutes bringing Cavan to the toilet. By the time we qued and done with our business, we reached our seats in time before the musical start Part 2.

Those who are seated at the VIP Red Zone seats gets 3D glasses. Me on the otherhand "elek, kosong, nothing!". Only has my own glasses on :p Why 3D? Well Part 2 of the musical is where Aladdin and Princess Jasmine seats on the magic carpet and "fly"....

Part 2 started off with a huge fanfare! We have live fire eaters!! woooohooo...

And then came the scene where everyone gets all lovey dovey and swayed along with the magical flying carpet.

A treat for you, here's the scene on the flying carpet :

At the dungeons where Jafa held Princess Jasmine hostage and tied up The Sultan. The Genie was also summoned out for the magic lamp landed on Jafa's evil hands.

And before I could sit back more, the show came to an end.

dancers and cast bid their goodbyes

Prince Ali (Aladdin) and Princess Jasmine rode away on the magic carpet back to their castle...

This is definitely my FAVOURITE of all the musicals staged by Sunway Lagoon. Do I want to go watch it again? DEFINITELY!!!....

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon will be running from 25 Nov 2011 to 2 January 2012. Showtimes are Sunday to Friday at 7.45pm, Saturdays at 7.15pm and 9.15pm. There will be extra shows on 25 Dec 2011 and 1 Jan 2012 at 7.15pm and 9.15pm.

AirAsiaRedTix :

Once again a big THANK YOU to All Malaysian Bloggers and Sunway Lagoon for granting me this wish to see Aladdin the Musical.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Aladdin the Musical - Gala Premier

Yesterday night after work I rush all the way up to Sunway Lagoon to attend the Gala Premier of Aladdin the Musical.

It was a spectacular show and I totally enjoyed myself from the start to the end. It ended too soon for me as I'm totally impressed and as I mentioned before, just love the hunky Genie. He's really the crowd's favourite! Each time he appeared, fireworks crackles and he comes out with some groovy dance moves woo-hoo.... :))

Remember my previous post where I showed you the raw sneak peek that the cast gave us? Well this round, I'm enticing you further by giving you the REAL scene from the Gala Premier!!!

Are you breathless already? Still not convinced to go and see Aladdin the Musical all happening at Sunway Lagoon? You should start getting your tickets now.

Aladdin the Musical @ Sunway Lagoon will be running from 25 Nov 2011 to 2 January 2012. Showtimes are Sunday to Friday at 7.45pm, Saturdays at 7.15pm and 9.15pm. There will be extra shows on 25 Dec 2011 and 1 Jan 2012 at 7.15pm and 9.15pm.
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This is my FAVOURITE musical brought in by Sunway Lagoon after having attended Peter Pan and Magical Musical. It just got better and better!!

I'll be posting up some pictures from the Gala Premier later. Their costumes were breath taking admist the beautiful backdrop :D

The Cobbler

Cobbler : a person who makes or mend shoes ~ in other words a Shoemaker.

It was by chance that I got to know about this Cobbler who produces funky nice shoes. Not only you can choose from the different range it offers, you can even design your own! Now has this perked you up yet? DESIGNING your very own shoes! But later on this for I want to show you my brand new pumps.

zebra print pumps

The pumps that I have is a gift from Alicia. I rarely wear pumps or simply said, covered shoes for my feet are rather sensitive and easily get "bitten" by the shoes I wore no matter how "old folks" advice says - beat it, BITE it and swipe wax over the area. I did all of that and still the shoe BITE me! :(

I used to envy those that is able to wear pumps for the design is lovely but I've long resorted to only try on sandals for I can't bear the pain of getting bitten. Imagine having plaster on your heels but you still feel the pain and bleeding. Can't walk at all! :( Thus as long as my heels are not wrapped up, I'm fine and it's sandals all the way then.

Then this pretty shoe landed on my hands and boy ooh boy, it's solid, lovely and best of all, it DOES NOT BITE ME! :))

The Cobbler shoe ~ smooth seams all the way

My new shoes is from The Cobbler. The Cobbler is based in Singapore and delivers free to Malaysia! Not only that, it comes in an attractive gift box.

So now I too can slip on my pumps and walk the town tall and proud! :p Ok me now gonna log into The Cobbler and go DESIGN my own shoes!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Aladdin the Musical - lights, camera, action!!

As promised in my previous posting, here's the 2nd part where you can sneak peek at the stage, the costumes and last but not least the musical itself *excited mode already*

After Aaron's brief intro and short Q&A session, we headed up unto the stage. Although it's only part completed, I'm already impressed with the set-up itself. As I said before, it's getting better and better each time Sunway Lagoon stage a musical. It's got more funkier and hi-tech!!

Look at those fine details. It's really an artistic work to carve it all out. The bottom picture where you see skulls is the props for the dungeon scene.

Also spotted is this shimmering shiny gold waddaya call it? throne or stairs complete with lots of magic lamp. Too bad I cant have one of those magic lamp to call my own genie out back home :(

Another must notice prop is the Cave's mouth. Just look at the magnificient mouth. Imagine it all dressed up in lights and voila, we are transported to the desert scene where Aladdin will enter the cave and finds his magic lamp!

Now, what is this mek mek goatie doing on the stage? Remember I said there'll be live stocks running on stage? Well this is one of the star. So look out for errr...him or her??

When they say there'll be a magic carpet, there WILL BE a magic carpet. Can you spot where is the magic carpet in this photo above? It's on the right top side sitting quietly there until it's time to make its debut. I'm looking forward to this scene where Aladdin (Prince Ali) and Princess Jasmine sits on top of the magic carpet and both starts their "A Whole New World" rendition. It's gonna be a 3D effect for this, so keep a look out. You may have the carpet flying above your head!

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine came out while all of us were busy admiring the props in their full costume. Alas it was too short a time for me to catch them in full potrait as they were whisked up to the balcony. Pretty couple eh.

Back down to the studio area, we were given glimpses of what to expect the cast to wear. From shimmering shining bead to head dress, each are made with the finest details in mind.

Just look at those beads! So colourful and bling bling!

I love their head dress for it's aint any head dress. This head dress has lights. Watch out for it as it's beautiful and cost RM500 each!! Handle with care dancers.

We also got a glimpse of Jafa's head dress. I have a feeling it's quite heavy! Very feathery in black and red and totally wicked.

Of course what is a Behind the Scene without having an individual shot with the cast and crew themselves? Don't get all green eyes now :))

We ended our tour by having some snacks at the Lighthouse before bading goodbye and see you soon for the Gala Premier is happening this Friday, November 25th!

with fellow blogger ~ Caroline, Isaac, Shemah and Bella
snacks that was graciously prepared for us includes popcorn chicken, bbq wings and fries

One for the album
Huge group of us covering the Behind the Scene

Orite, you must be wondering where's that darn clip that I promised. It's here saving the best for last! Enjoy and I'm sure after watching this, you would want to go and watch it LIVE!

Note : No edits were done to this clip, it's all raw. Aladdin and Genie sang without any mike so it's a very very LIVE peek that I experience in the studio.

For information and tickets :
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Thanks once again to Michael from ambp for this opportunity and Mr Loke Kah Peng, Sunway Lagoon's PR Manager who brought us around that lovely afternoon. And not forgetting all the other bloggers I met that day. It was nice meeting you and hope to see you again!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Birthday Celebration Continues....

On Cavan's actual birthday, we went for a family dinner. No cake this time round as I planned for him to have another mini celebration at his art & craft class with his friends the next day.

As it was a Friday evening, we decided to have our dinner nearby and opted for Jeff Lee Kitchen in Sg. Buloh New Village.

Two dishes that I'm going to highlight is the cold paku salad and stir fried streaky pork in thick superior soy sauce. The paku dish is served COLD and it's tentalises the taste buds as it's a bit sourish. A must have the next time I'm here.

cold paku salad

It's my second time in Jeff Lee Kitchen and we ordered this dish again. The first time we had this, we ordered a second helping. Everyone is fighting to get the last piece! It IS this YUMMY!!

stir fried streaky pork in thick superior soy sauce

Other dishes that we had that night includes braised spinach, braised fish head in "tauchu" (black bean), minced meat tofu, two flavours chicken (1 part crispy, the other thai style) and a claypot of pork intestine porridge. All dishes wiped cleaned for it all tastes equally GOOD!

One for memory
(6 years old Cavan and 2+ years old Caden)

No longer a baby but moving on into his next phase of education next year into Primary 1.

Jeff Lee Kitchen
Lot 4133 Jalan Perkhidmatan, Kampung Baru Sungai Buloh, 47000 Selangor
(T) 603 - 6156 1817

Earlier the same week, I also tried my hand baking my cousin Nana's Chocolate Cake that never fails!

the ingredients - egg, flour, cocoa powder, butter, choc compose, sugar

mixing butter and sugar till fluffy

melting choc compose to make choc ganache

Here you go, the cake turns out well BUT it's too sweet and the reason ~ my cousin gave me a typo on the number of sugar! hahahaha....

And the secret to this cake that never fails is by using a MUG for measurement. The MUG that I uses is ...

THIS. I used A&W mug for all the measurent! :p

Not giving up as the above cake is a trial bake. I double checked all the measurement with my cousin again and start baking this cake after our family dinner so that Cavan can have this as his birthday cake for the celebration the next day in his art & craft class.

the cake turns out beautifully, all plain and dark! LOL

The cake after spreading with chocolate ganache and sprinkles. Doesn't look too bad now does it?

Alas the morning itself, I received an SMS from his teacher saying the class is cancel as she is down with high fever. Not to dissappoint my boy and myself (hehehe..) we proceeded to finish the cake decoration and had the celebration at home!!

So now we decorated it again with angry birds and the birthday topper. Remember seeing these two items here? Recycle - Reuse, no wastage, everyone gains! :D

birthday boy blowing out all the candles at one go

happily posing cutting his home baked birthday cake

and cut some more to distribute to those at home

Thank you once again to Alicia for making the beautiful angry birds and Nana for the cake that never fails recipe! Merci Beaucoup :))
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