Sunday, October 02, 2011

Wacoal Pink Ribbon Launch 2011

I got to know about this event from Merryn when I drop Cavan off for his class. As I never had my breast examined before and it's good to find out more about breast cancer, we decided to drop by One Utama in the afternoon and also to hunt for Cavan's upcoming concert stuff.

Wacoal's Pink Ribbon Launch 2011 will only be held for 2 days at One Utama on 1st & 2nd October 2011. The event is located at the Main Entrance (new wing).

Pink colour everywhere. It's a really sweet colour.

Early Detection is the Best Protection! Yes I couldn't agree more to this statement since there's history of breast cancer in my family. Besides the self examination, it's important to have your breast examined by a certified doctor as well.

Upon registration, I was given a card whereby I can go round to the various booths to learn more about this topic and at the same time you get cool stuff :D

Item 2 not chopped as I was waiting for the doctor to return from her late lunch I supposed. There was a make shift "consultation room" whereby you need to loosen your bra, lie down and get examined. Happy to say I'm clear of any masses and what's not that may lead to more thorough checks etc.. I'm also surprised to learn that at age 45 years old and above only do I need to go for mammogram. Below that you can just go for ultrasound.

Moving on to Item 3, I also learn something new that there's hope for those who lost their breast for Remamma will come to the rescue! You basically can construct a breast and taa-daa, you can still look gorgeous :)

At Item 4, you can get fitting to know your size and get the perfect bra to flaunt your assets :D

Item 5 is also a bonus for my question was to name the sponsor for this event and you can see it everywhere which is WACOAL! and then it was time to spread the Pink Ribbon Message.....

I pasted my message and took a pic of it. Only after I took the pic did I realised that Merryn's message was next to mine! So co-incident and if you read the message it's also similar :D

This is what I got for going round the booths educating myself more. After completing all the steps, you'll get a RM20 voucher off in your purchase of Wacoal bra and a free panty!! What else but to go and try out bras and utilised that RM20 voucher before I headed home....

Do go and check out this event if you're free today. Remember EARLY DETECTION IS THE BEST PROTECTION!


prince n princess mum said...

Good awareness..

Cik FaRiZaM said...

how can i know when and where is the incoming event like this?

life-muses said...

you may want to check out this site :

there's an event this Saturday, 8 Oct

Merryn said...

How come u got topi I dont have? haha.. I got sooo many tissue! lol..

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