Thursday, October 13, 2011

UCMAS Annual Dinner 2011


Two weeks ago, I received an invitation to attend UCMAS Annual Dinner 2011 on Sunday, October 2nd which is also their 18th anniversary. Theme of the night : Hawaiian Night :)

So come that evening and got prepared and wat-da-ya know, I was caught smacked right in the middle of a horrible horrible non-moving jam!! ggrrrr..... However during the jam, caught sight of these birds - flamingoes if I'm not wrong standing atop lamp posts throughout the road! Awesome sight eh? They are REAL!!

Okay back to topic, I finally arrive at destination ~ Flamingo Hotel, Ampang late but not very late as there are others who arrive later than me all no thanks to the horrible jam!

Upon registration, guests were given a score sheet. Now this is where it gets interesting. Before the start of the Annual Dinner, guests gets to play games and earn scores. That's what the score sheet is for :))

All adults were transported back to the days when you are a child and you play these games! Games like bowling with a coconut! A real hard coconut to knock down those bottles, throwing rings onto cones but these rings are foam rings, ping pong and lots more. Everyone had a gala time with the games I tell you, and all are ADULTS! tee-hee-hee.... what a way to start letting loose for the party ahead!

After a round or five, the Annual Dinner started with the President of UCMAS, Professor Dino Wong with a short speech officiating the event and then it was makan-makan time.

Best dressed lady and man contest were then held and the nominees were made to perform and the floor to choose their best dressed lady and man. It was fun seeing them perform and it got us laughing in stiches.

UCMAS is well known for mental development (brain development programme) by teaching children to perform mental calculations quickly and accurately without the use of electronic tool. Children use/visualise the Abacus where both the right and left brain are stimulated. In time, it will help to enhance memory, concentration and alertness.

Alas I didnt stay till the night ended as it was getting late as the next day is a working day thus didnt and wouldn't know if my lucky number was called during the lucky draw rounds. Nevertheless, it was a great night hanging out with two other mummy bloggers - Merryn and Yee Ling. Both were dressed fabulously that night! :D

MAHALO UCMAS for the invitation to grace your Annual Dinner 2011!


Yee Ling said...

You didnt stay till the end also?...Yea, who knows if our lucky number was called..hehheheh

prince n princess mum said...

Nice event!~~~~

Merryn said...

the jam was horrible! If we could U-Turn we would but we couldn't so ended up cursing until we arrived on location.. @_@

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