Friday, October 28, 2011

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa

I was fortunate to be chosen by I Love Discounts to review The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa, a promotion currently running at I Love Discounts site.

Made my appointment and thought of nothing but the joy of being pampered from head to toe for 3 whole hours yippee! :D

Entrance of The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa @ Plaza Damas

I was greeted upon entering their reception area and was brought upstairs to the treatment rooms. My first thought was it's too dark. They need to have more lights around but dimmed.

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa by Reneau reception area

stairs up to the treatment rooms area

After changing and keeping my valuables at personal dedicated lockers, I started my first treatment- Sauna. Here, you get your own Sauna cubicle. No need to share with anyone and a glass of water was given so that I can keep myself hydrate during the sauna session. It was not a boring 15-20 mins sauna session for you have music to accompany you while you sweat out all your toxins, fat etc..etc... :D

sauna cubicle

Next treatment after sweating yourself out is the Body Scrub. Here they use milk to scrub your body and I noted some lime pulps on my skin. It was a thorough scrub for you can feel your skin smoother after that. On parts that are rough, the masseur scrubs you harder @-@ hehehe....

Now after a scrub, what do you do? Shower of course! So shower away I did and was glad that body soap and fresh clean towel was provided. I still shudder at the bad experience I had elsewhere previously. You can take your time to shower and scrub yourself some more if you wish :p

I must say that their Foot Spa is awesome. I truly enjoyed this and my feet had the most relaxing time ever. We always forget to pamper our feet but this time they got the royal treatment they deserve! I <3 you feet....

My feet emerge smelling all citrus as lime was added to the hot water for you to soak your foot in. Bliss bliss bliss.....

Next up was the Body Massage followed by the Facial before my 3 hours of pampering concluded.

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa carries the Reneau range which is 100% naturally formulated spa products which is available if you wish to purchase it for home use.

The promotion is still running at I Love Discounts and there's two outlets for you to choose from if you wish to have a pampering session from head to toe!!

Everyone deserve a break, so do YOU! :D
Thank you again to I Love Discounts for this opportunity.

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa
D-0-10 Plaza Damas
Jalan Sri Hartamas 1
Sri Hartamas
Kuala Lumpur
(T) 03-6203 2518

The Royal Malaysian Traditional Spa @ Tmn Permata
2772 M-Floor Jalan Changkat Permata
Taman Permata
Kuala Lumpur
(T) 014-386 5873


dEarDaNieL said...

Sound great wor. I'd bought the voucher n its ready. Time to pamper myself too getting ready for my wedding? I'm more confidence after reading your post.

Anonymous said...

I've been there too,and its not like what I imagined,.first,the environment was ok,the room was small,and the staff was so unprofessional,they talk to each other,their services a so poor!! Massage is bad too,the sauna was good,but other services is not worth the money,.

snow oscar said...

They can't claim as SPA. Totally of of the range! Make me very disappointed!!
1. The phone line are too busy to get thru, although is ringing but no answer.Difficult to make booking
2. Untidy place!
i) NO locker to keep the belonging. Customer have to run up & down to carry their belonging. I've to carry my own thing to wait for the bed vacant! My godness!!!
ii)NO PRIVACY, cause NO room for individual, can listen to people talking.
3. 15min Foot SPA?! Well, soak it for 5-10min, scrub with the lemon follow by tools
4. Customer have to BUY facial sponge due to hygience purpose but have to buy 1 plastic for body scrub
5. the body scrub was done near the emergency exit door, where can see the EXIT light & can hear people walking down from the staircase!
6. 45min facial - wash, scrub, a little bit facial massage & mask, that's it! & the mask have to place abt 30min..I can't stand it, get them to remove it after 15min.
7. body massage suppose the enjoying part but it's not at all. the staff was sitting on my budd to massage the back, she's heavy!

There was a lady complaint while i was there. She complaint the lady even don't know how to do facial! It's embrassing!!

Further, the "beautician" are aunty type, no body shape..well, im also aunty, but im tidy up my self to look comfortable but the aren't!
Please la.. how to claim as SPA with these complaints?

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anonymous, UNPROFESSIONAL AT ALL.

They can't claim them as SPA! Out of the range!

Firza Omar said...

I agree with all the negative comments. They had made a wrong booking for me. Instead of during the weekend, changed it to weekdays, in which I am working!!!Customer service was so bad and rude. The girl only laughed after she realized she made the wrong booking and not even apologizing. The staff ignored people waiting at the front door which is locked so customers cannot just walk in. They also never pick up the phone as they are understaffed.

I would never ever recommend this spa. I have been to few others and this was the worst spa. THEY DO NOT DESERVE ANY AWARDS AT ALL!!!

Anonymous said...

HI there,
I went there yesterday and had a totally bad experience.
So far the worst spa ever.
The supervisor are very rude and kept saying their booking is full although i have made the booking months ago.
Force us to buy the facial sponge and plastic for body scrub.
All the service (massage, scrub, facial) is bad. Really bad.
This place is totally not recommnded at all.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the comments of: wrong appts, rude staff, unprofessional, masseuse massged me with one hand while she texted on her phone with the other hand! This is the only place I stopped the so-called massage and put on my clothes and left. The cubicles were tiny, not at all private and there's a man in the next cubicle - so close about 3 ft away only!
Never have I been to a more awful place!

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