Sunday, October 23, 2011

OktoberFEAST @ Munich Gastro Bierhaus

Right after Cavan's concert, we went straight to Munich Gastro Bierhaus located in IOI Puchong. It has been a few months since the last meet up I had with the whole gang. Think the last time I met them was in May/June?? That time we gathered at a Thai Restaurant in Jinjang for dinner. All I remember was there was a chicken on fire, food being so so and it was a best wishes gathering as our "lou yeh" was going to be temporary based in KK for a project he's heading and our beloved Justin migrating to Kota Bahru to start life anew.

Thus this time we made it an OktoberFEAST gathering. We choose Munich Gastro Bierhaus to signify the famous Oktoberfest that was going on and also for us to chill out as our usual dining venue is not at a Bierhaus! LOL. Alas the evening that we were there, they didn't have the actual celebration. Well, with or without people to entertain us, we entertained ourselves! :D

We ordered few foods but it was very filling for it's meat meat meat!.....

a plate of crispy garlic bread

a set of Pretzels and of course beer!

2 platters of honey roasted pork knuckles

3 platters of assorted sausages that's in various sizes, shapes and color! :p

Our kiddos has fish and chips which I think everyone forgot to snap a pic off. After filling up their tummies, they had their own gathering and fun playing with each other. The missing boy here is Caden as my brother was unwell that evening to sent him to me after Cavan's concert.

So while the kids entertained themselves, the adults had their own session.

First round of Weihenstephan beer done, it's Hoegarden to the toast. Toast to good times, good health and whats not!

Toasting done and tummies full, the gents got drunk as what they claim. You see and decide for yourself :p

With our gents drunk and out, the ladies continued having a good time! The night is still young....

This gathering was a full attendee gathering for we have all our members together. It was great to have such friends that value friendship to travel all the way back from KK, KB and Lumut to meet up. Not forgetting also our Chef who came by after his work.

We had fun trying to get a group photo and I truly like the shot below for the timer went off unexpectedly. You can see on everyone's face that the smile and laughter is our true SMILE :D except for the kiddos, for one is overtired and on the verge of throwing tantrum while the other is too busy with his game to notice what's going on around!

Finally after numerous shots, we FINALLY got it right and have our HAPPY FAMILY GROUP PHOTO for keepsake.

I definitely had a fun and happy time that night and till the next gathering folks!


*part photos courtesy from SandyG


SandyG said...

Thank you Karen for the wonderful and excellent write up plus the beautiful photos of the food, beer and the faces (faces from North, South, East and West).

Will certain hope to have a more exciting gathering next time, maybe out from Malaysia. Say Singapore or Thailand or Indonesia pun jadi lar... cheers!


prince n princess mum said...

The food looks so tempting!~

Yee Ling said...

Slurppp....good food...good drinks and of course good companions!

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