Thursday, October 13, 2011

Love for Disney Junior

I'm sure you remember this post about Disney Junior : AHOY to Neverland. Well besides the cool camera that was in the goodie bag, there's also a sheet of removable tattoos. Now, I must say that these tattoos are good quality for it does not come out that easily where a little rub and it's gone. These tattoos actually stay on intact for a good 2 weeks!

Now if you have been paying attention, you would have spotted these ultra cool nice tattoos which appeared in my blog before. Let's bring you back a few months down the road when I posted this out.

There! can you spot em on my boys arm? :D

So a couple of months has past and I've forgotten bout the tattoos until one evening when I reached home and from afar saw something on my boy's wrist. I thought that he was wearing his watch but then he started to tell me "Mummy, I did it myself!" and in my head I was going what! you drew on your own wrist?? until I got closer and heaved a sigh of relief that it was only a tattoo that he "pasted" on himself!

For his love of Disney Junior, he proudly wears it now on his wrist! :))

I hope you keep the magic of Disney close to your heart while you're growing up boy as it is the refuge that you can always go back too and seek when you're feeling down for where's Disney there's magic and you'll be able to relieve your childhood all over again....


Merryn said...

Yep, I saw that tattoo on him in the Studio the other day. He said he put it on himself! :D

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