Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Logos Hope ~ World's Largest Floating Book Fair

I still remember vividly the day my dad brought me to visit this big ship ~ Doulas. Full of excitement for I can board this huge ship and best of all, it has lots and lots of books to satisfy my book cravings. Each weekend I'm sure to visit all the libraries that is available be it the National Library, State Library or British Council and will max out the number of books that I can borrow. Yeah, I'm a book geek! o-O*

When I heard of Logos Hope in town, what else but to bring my kiddos over for exposure and to hopefully have an unforgetable experience. Hopefully it will ignite some sort of passion or path that they may want to take when they are older.

So what is Logos Hope?

Operated by GBA Ships, Logos Hope as with other serving ocean-going ships began in 1970 with the purchase of the original Logos. Since then the ships (Logos, Doulos, Logos II and now Logos Hope) have visited over 500 different ports in more than 160 countries and territories and welcomed over 40 million visitors on board. Their goal is to bring knowledge, help and hope to the people of the world.

The ship visits each port for several weeks each and opens the gangways to hundreds and sometimes thousands of visitors each day. On average, over one million visitors have been welcomed onboard every year! The floating book fair offers over 5,000 titles, providing many visitors their first-ever opportunity to purchase a wide range of quality literature.

An international crew and staff of volunteers live and work on the ships. Teams from the ship go into surrounding areas to supply aid and community care. In each port, the ship’s crew partners with local community groups to bring hope and show love to people whatever their circumstance, culture or background. ~ extract from

The weather was playing tricks on us for it poured while we were on our way but luckily it stopped when we arrive :D and it was scorching HOT!!

I saw the ship first then I saw the QUE! Ohh my ohh my, the que is llooonnggg!! It took us an hour to reach Logos Hope gangway!

the que that stretch right to the main entrance of the Main Terminal Building

Just when we moved right to the middle of the que, my Master Cavan said he wanna pee and he can't stand it anymore, his pee gonna come out!! gggrrr..... So what else but to hail down one of the crew to help us out. No way am I gonna re-que again!

Luckily for us, this young chap is kind enough to escort us all the way back to the Main Terminal Building so that my young boy can go and get his business done. Felt so much like VIP walking back towards my original que passing all those who are in que to join my family members hahahaha.....

Our kind escort Andy who comes from the "Isle of Man". Leng chai or not? :p

We finally entered Logos Hope and started our own journey of exploring the ship.

And then I stumbled upon this - Sextant!

Sextant?! You go and google it up yourself and dont think of the first three alphabets only okay? :p

Sextant is actually an instrument used to measure the angle between any two visible objects. In short, it is use for navigation :D

Then we entered the book fair area and it was packed to the brim! You have to really maneuver your way carefully here. My damage just passing thru this packed area is RM110 of children's book! Didnt even have chance to see my own stuff.

Getting a breathier after emerging from the book fair, we proceeded thru the "Journey of Life" wall and ended up at the International Cafe for drinks and snacks.

We got out of Logos Hope after that and took some pics. All in we spent about 4 hours there including the que.

Caden enjoying his day out at the port.

All together now say "Aye Aye Sir!"

This salute started by Caden when we wanted to take photos. He automatically raised his hand and say "Aye". He knows he's at "sea" :))

Until you visit us again Logos Hope, keep bringing Knowledge, Help and Hope to the People of the World!

ppsst..... ever thought of becoming one of the volunteer onboard? It's an eye opener and a rewarding experience, more info here :D

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